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HF RFID systems

RFID platforms to suit your needs

ifm offers three distinct HF RFID platforms optimized to specific solutions within Tracking, Tracing, and Quality Control (TTQ). Deciding which system is ideal for your project can be challenging, but it is important to remember that all systems operate under 13.56 MHz ISO 15693 and offer the same antenna and tag portfolio, meaning that identifying tags are cross-platform compatible. The differentiating factor is the optimization of data handling for your application needs.

he IO-link HF RFID platform is designed for simple integration of a complete RFID system or easy addition to an existing IO-link network. IO-link masters serve as the systems' controller, and are available in 4 or 8 port configurations and support a wide range of IT and OT communication protocols. In addition, IO-link offers the possibility for a fully IP69K RFID system rated for chemical washdown and extreme operating conditions.

All-in-one HF RFID
Designed for simple integration into an existing network infrastructure, the All-in-one HF platform provides a controller and antenna in a single housing, and is optimized for high speed, high payload, data transfer. An internal switch allows for easy addition into a pre-wired network, and the internal long range antenna offers an adjustable powerful field for reading HF tags at a distance up to 220 mm.

Modular HF RFID
The Modular HF RFID system utilizes a multi-head controller / evaluation separate from the antennas, to customize your application from a diverse antenna offering . Modular HF systems are designed as dedicated high speed controllers for transferring high data volumes at high speeds. The controller has 4 useable ports, able to be configured for an RFID read/write head or local I/O.