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IO-Link white paper - the industrial revolution easily explained

What are the advantages of IO-Link and why is this standard called a bridge technology for Industry 4.0? How exactly does the technology of the future work? You will find the most important information at a glance in the free white paper.

For a secure fit

ifm accessories for all applications

Correct mounting and a secure fit of the sensor are essential for reliable functioning. Easy, modular, fast and reliable, whether angle brackets, clamps, mounting plates, adapters or complete mounting sets - with the tailored accessories from ifm you are always on the safe side.

Finding the right product using the selector

ifm's exceptionally large product range does not only consider all relevant standard solutions, but also the specific requirements of individual industries. Apart from position and process sensors, this product range also includes sensors for motion control and safety technology. In addition to this, ifm offers products for industrial image processing and communication as well as identification systems for mobile machines.

Reliable and trouble-free production

ifm products are distinguished by innovative precision and above-average reliability. We guarantee these features with a 5-year warranty. Use ifm products safe in the knowledge that you’ve found the right partner when it comes to automation.

The anniversary year

In 2019 it's 50 years of ifm!

On 29 October 1969 the time had come: today's ifm group of companies was founded as ifm electronic geräte gmbh+co kg. In ifm's foundation year, success started with the invention of inductive sensors for 220 V.