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All-in-one HF systems

Designed for simple integration into an existing network infrastructure, the All-in-one HF platform provides a controller and antenna in a single housing, and is optimized for high speed, high payload, data transfer. An internal switch allows for easy addition into a pre-wired network, and the internal long range antenna offers an adjustable powerful field for reading HF tags at a distance up to 220mm.

Simple, powerful and flexible RFID

  • The compact units of the DTE60x series are ideal for long writing / reading distances.
  • By optimizing data handling, large data volumes can be read and written at high speeds.
  • The DTE60x compact units simplify installation, as the antenna, evaluation unit and fieldbus (Ethernet/IP, ProfiNet, TCP/IP) interface are integrated in one compact, industrially compatible housing.
Reduce installation and commissioning time Your time shouldn't be spent getting your controls system to work out of the box.
•  Quickly and easily install in even the most restrictive spaces.
•  Display of tag RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) data and standard wiring connections.
•  Ready-made function blocks for most common PLCs and control systems.
Increase system flexibility When you change the type or design or your product, you shouldn’t need to re-invent your ID systems.
•  Improved reading performance and range on a variety of tags and targets eliminates fine tuning in a production change or when reading highly variable products. 
•  Quick diagnosis of read failure causes is made possible with on-device LED diagnostics.
Improve reliability with inconsistent applications Targets presented in unreliable locations normally provide challenges to HF systems.
•  With long read ranges, targets can move within a wide field.
•  Significantly less complex and more reliable than UHF RFID.
Improve quality control with simple addition of more reading points Adding a read location should not  require you to restructure your controls architecture.
•  The internal Ethernet switch of the AOI system easily adds capability to existing systems.
•  Local I/O control adds more quality control capability to your process.
•  Start tracking and quality control with minimal effort.

System topology