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Do you know when your compressor is running out of power?

Well-maintained compressors can handle pressure well and build it up reliably. However, imbalance, wear or dirt can quickly affect the compressor and its performance, and in the worst case lead to a complete pressure drop and system standstill. With our all-in-one solution of hardware and software, you get information about the maintenance requirements of your compressors at all times and can act even before a reduction in performance affects the entire production. This way, pressure will certainly cease to be a problem.

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What makes automation so fascinating?

Our customers can tell you! In our application reports, we provide all-embracing, inspiring and impressive success stories of our customers in which our hardware and software solutions play an important role. Whether in the brewery, at the car manufacturer, in mobile machines or in the water industry: let our customers tell you why they rely on ifm for automation.

We want you to be satisfied. At the very least.

ifm products are distinguished by highest precision and above-average reliability. You have our word on that - and a 5-year warranty on our standard hardware. In addition, we are there for you at any time with advice, support and know-how as a reliable partner. We want you to feel confident that ifm is the right partner for your automation goals when using our products.