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Highlight features from demand planning

Calendar and colorful building stones with icons for graphical representation of demand planning

Even more certainty in sales forecasting

Release 24.0 contains many new features and improvements for demand planning. In addition to new features in classic planning, such as additional information and the option to navigate via the graphic in the planning sheet, there is now also a link to SAP demand and supply segmentation. Another new feature is the aggregation to different product hierarchy levels and the new Fiori app for analysing planning with the latest data in real time.

Analysing planning data

In SCX on SAP S/4HANA – or as a standalone Fiori app – a new report function is now available in forecast/demand planning. It‘s the analytical dashboard, which can be called up in the Fiori tile catalogue or directly in the forecast planning sheet. This makes it possible to obtain immediate effects of planning changes in a visual and/or tabular view based on live data.

The dashboard offers numerous customisation options and is highly flexible. It is also possible to jump to other SCX applications.

Data basis

The new virtual data model (VDM) serves as the data basis for this app. The VDM was developed with several CDS views based on our various demand planning database tables. This means that users can now access all their data easily and in a bundled form in real time. In addition, the OData interface offers extensive data access options.

Screenshot from the new Fiori app for analysing planning data

Fiori app: planning data analysis

Link to SAP demand and supply segmentation

Do you use demand and supply segmentation in the SAP standard? The hierarchy structure in SCX on SAP S/4HANA has now been expanded to include the “demand segment“ field. This enables demand segment planning in the forecast, e.g. according to different material grades. When transferring demands from the forecast, the maintained demand segment of the hierarchy is considered accordingly and transferred to the ERP.

Screenshot showing the expansion of the demand segment field to the hierarchy structure.

Hierarchy maintenance – demand segment

Aggregation on product hierarchy levels

Whereas previously it was only possible to carry out an aggregation at the lowest level, it is now possible to enter the planning sheet aggregated to the individual product hierarchy levels of the material master or to change the product hierarchy level within the sheet. This results in even more detailed planning options.