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Highlight features in Shop Floor Integration (SFI)

Connection of OT and IT, graphically represented by a tablet on building stones with icon.

Consistent expansion of supported supply chain processes and platforms

After the first steps were already taken in SFI Release 23.0 with the digitalisation of material supply processes and the integration of manual workstations, SFI Release 24.0 also shows that this path is being consistently pursued. Track & Trace was tackled as a major new solution. This involves digitally recording changes of location in the real world and the appropriate documents (goods movements, goods receipt/issue, etc.) are automatically generated for the corresponding SAP business objects (materials, handling units, serial numbers, etc.).

Furthermore, a platform integration for the well-established AVEVA™ PI System™ has been developed as an immediately usable standard product. This means that all AVEVA PI customers who use SAP as their ERP system now have access to all the familiar SFI functions from the areas of Real Time Maintenance (RTM) and Supply Chain Management (SCM).

Track & Trace


Hand-painted drawing of the track & trace process



Connecting track & trace systems and devices


Assignment of physical locations to logical SAP locations (e.g. stock locations)


Mapping between tags and master data or documents (e.g. material, quantity, unit);

Apps (SAP GUI & Fiori) for the (re-)initialisation of tags


Processing tracking data to trigger business processes > 1st process: material movement from stock location to stock location


Architecture of the track & trace process

Display in the system

The screenshot at the top right shows an SFI event that was generated from a physical change in the location of a tagged material.

One can recognise the entry into a stock location (LGI) and the name of the warehouse (raw material warehouse resp. "Rohmateriallager").

It is also possible to see which SFI rule was used during processing (92) and which type of document (material document) with which document number (4900156639) was generated.

The document can be called up directly via the link on the document number and is displayed in the WebGUI (see screenshot below right).



Certainty that every booking really takes place.


Bookings happen directly when items are read.


No effort for SAP bookings


Always know where the items are.

AVEVA PI integration

In our opinion, the vision of Industry 4.0 can only become real if the manufacturers and customers involved are open to integrating their solutions and sharing challenges.

We consistently implement this conviction in our products and have integrated AVEVA, another important manufacturer, into the SAP processes via SFI in Release 24.0.

The integration between SFI and AVEVA PI came about as part of a co-innovation project with one of our customers.


Based on condition-based monitoring of systems in AVEVA PI

Onboarding of PI data sources in SFI and mapping to SAP master data (equipment etc.).

Creation of SAP PM orders and notifications via proactive alerting of PI

Automatic collection of PI counters (operating hours etc.) for PM maintenance plans by SFI


Architecture of the integration of AVEVA PI

Further details can be found in the release notes.