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Highlight features from manufacturing

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Take your production planning to a new level

Release 24.0 also includes many new features and improvements for production planning and control. In addition to the further development of the Factory Optimization Excellence optimiser, it is now possible to directly consider the availability of production resources/tools during production planning. New Fiori apps support the production planners with graphical detailed scheduling and the production worker with the execution of material withdrawals for the production order.

Factory Optimization Excellence (FOX)

Production optimisation under SAP S/4HANA

The optimiser in SCX on SAP S/4HANA has been given some new functions and improvements. Additional settings can now be made via the administration to further refine the optimisation. For example, work centres can be marked as infinite or the behaviour of processed orders can be influenced.

It is now also possible to transfer SAP or ifm setup matrices to the optimiser and calculate setup-optimised scheduling. Order priorities can also be considered.

A new transaction with statistical evaluations of the optimisation run ensures greater transparency and traceability of the optimisation.

The optimiser itself has also been significantly improved regarding performance, solution search and stability. In addition, further data on the optimisation run is now exchanged with SAP and visualised there.

Screenshot FOX: statistically analyse on-time delivery

Statistical analysis of on-time delivery

Availability of production resources/tools

Production resources as a planning-relevant resource

Production resources/tools (PRTs) are usually important resources for detailed scheduling that were previously not sufficiently considered in planning. With the new function, it is now possible to check directly during detailed scheduling whether the required PRT-type equipment has already been planned in parallel, whether the remaining tool life is still sufficient for the order or whether it is still possible to transport the PRT to production on time. The checks can be activated or deactivated for each individual customer. To use the function, it is not necessary to have a complete SAP PM in use – only the PRTs must be created as equipment and stored in the routing.

Screenshot: consideration of available production resources/tools in production planning

Usage of production resources and tools in the planning process

Graphical planning

Detailed production planning – now also graphically

A new app is available in SCX on SAP S/4HANA that enables graphical planning. Transactions can now be scheduled via drag-and-drop or moved to a different position. Additional functions, such as scheduling or editing info texts, have been implemented via an object-dependent context menu. It is also possible to use the app to carry out detailed planning for several work centres at the same time. The changes are processed directly in SAP so that the scheduling of the order processes is always correct.

Screenshot: new Fiori app for graphical detailed production planning

Fiori application: graphical detailed scheduling

Material withdrawals for the production order

Remove unplanned, additional or non-retrograde components directly on the shop floor for the production order – simply and intuitively

The new “material withdrawals for production order” app is the perfect addition to the existing feedback apps for time events and time tickets as well as the shop floor terminal app.

The app makes it easy to remove components and suggests the corresponding positions. Additional components can be added easily. Batch-managed and serialised materials are also supported.

Screenshot: new Fiori app for carrying out material withdrawals for the production order

Fiori application: material withdrawals for the production order