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SAP consulting from ifm

Process consulting for your supply chain

Have you ever asked yourself whether your supply chain processes are really perfect? Has it ever happened to you,

  • that there is a problem in the supply chain?
  • that the OEE has fallen below 90%?
  • that material was not available?
  • that a safety stock was too high?
  • that the expiry date has passed?
  • that expensive special trips have been incurred?


It's like that for everyone, but some people deny it and bury their heads in the sand, while others ask themselves: "How can I avoid this? Where are the causes? What can we do better?"

If you belong to the first group, there is unfortunately nothing we can do for you. However, if you belong to the second group, then you should read on carefully now!

Our practically trained expert team is there for you!

Our consulting team consists of a hand-picked group of SAP and supply chain experts. Both former SAP consultants as well as executives and project managers from industrial practice. All with a solid theoretical background in economics, engineering or business informatics.

Everyone in the team brings many years of practical experience to the table and knows a wide variety of industries, their processes and usually also their pain points. Comprehensive SAP and process knowledge is mandatory; as well as the motivation to make a difference together with you!

Get to know our consultant team ➜

Get it done! Together we will make your project a success

Nothing works without you! No one knows the status quo better than you, no one knows better where things are stuck. That is why we need you to

  • formulate the project goals,
  • look ruthlessly at the actual state and document it,
  • identify and prioritise the fields of action,
  • tailor and address the work packages,
  • define the speed of the project.

Once that is done, we are of course already in the middle of it and it is time to work through the work packages. Afterwards, it is important to make the effects visible and to prove in euros, units and hours how successful the project was. In the end, you take the credit and we go home again.

Change management according to your specifications

Every company has its own speed. In order to implement change successfully, it is important to consider this and adapt to it in the change process. You set the speed. Every company has its own culture. Whether top-down or grassroots democracy – we will not impose an approach that does not suit you and your team. That's the only way to get everyone on board. You say "HOW".

Everything is never bad. Many processes are like this because they have always been like this. Others are like this because this is the most effective way.

Through targeted and constant questioning, we tease the "truth" out of you. You are the winner.

The process consultant team

SAP experts, practitioners, supply chain specialists

Sascha Barbas

Head of Business Process Consulting, GIB S&D GmbH
sascha.barbas@ifm.com   Contact via Microsoft Teams

Carla Lochte

Consultant, GIB S&D GmbH
carla.lochte@ifm.com   Contact via Microsoft Teams

Gunar Kunze

Consultant, GIB S&D GmbH
gunar.kunze@ifm.com   Contact via Microsoft Teams

Janek Grebe

Consultant, GIB S&D GmbH
janek.grebe@ifm.com   Contact via Microsoft Teams

Patrick Wanitzek

Consultant, GIB S&D GmbH
patrick.wanitzek@ifm.com   Contact via Microsoft Teams

Stefan Fuchs

Consultant, GIB S&D GmbH
stefan.fuchs@ifm.com   Contact via Microsoft Teams

Certified by SAP

4 seals which identify ifm as an SAP® Certified Silver Partner

Let us advise you

Together we will make your project successful.

Convinced? Just get in touch. We will accompany you on your way. In accordance with your requirements, our team of experts for SAP and supply chain will support you from the very beginning from process mapping to the implementation of the perfect solution.