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Supply chain management

An optimised supply chain that works well not only helps reduce costs, shorten delivery times and increase customer satisfaction, but also minimises the risk of delivery bottlenecks and other disruptions. It, therefore, helps increase a companys competitiveness and ensure long-term success.

On the way to perfect supply chain management

What would it be like if you could specifically calculate future sales figures? If you were always able to deliver without having too much in stock? If you always knew the optimal production sequence and had all materials at the right time, in the right quantity and at the right place? If you could rely on a completely flexible and functioning capacity planning and all that with minimum costs and best delivery performance?

That would be perfect! Sure, its a long way to get there, but its worth taking the journey.

As a software manufacturer and licensed SAP Silver Partner, we accompany you on this journey. We have made it our business to improve logistical processes in SAP. By way of our solutions, you can optimise your supply chain, expand the SAP standard with important planning functions and methods and, therefore, gain that crucial edge.

With us, you have an experienced and competent partner at your side who supports you in this process before, during and after implementation. More than 30 years experience and 900+ satisfied customers in over 20 countries worldwide are the hallmarks of our success.

Set out with us on the path to perfect supply chain management.

The supply chain process

Your strong partner for your supply chain

We make complex supply chain processes manageable. Thanks to Experience & Simplification, companies become more successful.

We asked our customers about working with ifm:

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