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Highlight features from inventory management

Shelf with different colored clamping blocks with barcodes on them.

There are numerous new functions, buttons and views in Release 24.0 for an even better overview and even better inventory management in ifm's inventory management solution. We would like to present the four most important innovative apps to you here:

Get a unique view of your company's stock values with our new world map.

The "live stock analysis" gives you real-time insights to react quickly to changes.

Deepen your understanding with the "periodic stock analysis" to determine the reason for the current stock situation.

Delve into the details with the "periodic material document analysis" and analyse your company's transaction data to get to the origin of the key figures.

The world at a glance – real-time stock analysis from a bird's eye view

World map that shows the company's stocks in different colours.

Visual stock analysis

Our pop-up window provides a precise breakdown of a country's stock values. At a glance, you can get information about the dispositive use of the stock values.

Not there yet – with a simple click, you can navigate directly to one of our three other new apps to get started with detailed analyses. ►

Live data or history – this app does it all!

Column chart of stocks and corresponding tabular value information in real time

Screenshot: bar chart and table in one screen

Stocks and key figures clearly presented

A look in the rear-view mirror – historical analysis for optimal inventory management

Screenshot: bar chart with time axis, stock information in table

Periodic stock development with aggregation options

Maximum transparency – discover the origin of all key figures with the periodic material document analysis

Graphical representation of material receipts and tabular representation of consumption values in detail

Periodic material document analysis

Experience a new dimension in material receipt analyses. From detailed customer and supplier analyses to consumption and stock transfer analyses, our application offers a wide range of views of your transaction data.

Statistical key figures such as the standard deviation and the coefficient of variation are available, which, in combination with the dynamic aggregation levels, offer new possibilities in consumption analyses.

All at a glance – full integration of the new apps into our dashboard

Screenshot: screen with several containers displaying different apps

One screen – all apps: create your personalised info screen with just a few clicks.

The benefits of the new apps can be integrated directly into your daily work routine thanks to dashboard integration

This is how easy and clear stock analysis with ifm works.