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Highlight features from the indicator & process area

Towers made of building stones in different colors and heights that represent the process indicators.

Supply Chain Excellence for more control, simple handling and fast information

Whether restricting viewing and access rights, simpler long-term planning, integrating documents, videos and images or the simplified search for the same via a modern Fiori launchpad – the new Release 24.0 makes working in the process and with the indicators easier, following the motto of having the right information at the right time for the right recipient.

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SCX indicators and KPIs with ifm's own authorisation objects

Previously, only the SAP standard authorisations (e.g. plant) were checked for the SCX indicator. Now, ifm's own authorisation objects can be used to further restrict the SCX indicator, the SCX process indicators and the SCX KPIs. This ensures that those responsible can only view and analyse the process indicators and corresponding KPIs that are relevant to their area.

Screenshot: SCX indicators without restrictions

SCX process indicators without authorization restrictions

Screenshot: SCX indicators with restrictions

SCX process indicators with authorization restrictions

Supply Chain Process Excellence

Supply Chain Process Excellence is the new Software as a Service (SaaS) app on the Business Technology Platform (BTP), which now also guides users through their supply chain processes in the cloud. The app enables role-based and activity-orientated work. Various ifm supply chain functions can be integrated into the different process areas. Pre-selected parameters enable a direct jump to the activities.

Screenshot from the new SaaS app Supply Chain Process Excellence

SaaS application: Supply Chain Process Excellence

New “planning scenario“ selection field in the SCX process

A new field has been integrated into the preselection in the SCX process: planning scenario. This is the MRP scenario from long-term planning/simulation. To avoid misunderstandings, the previous planning scenario from demand planning has been renamed in “planning“ at the same time.

Screenshot from the SCX Process Explorer showing the new planning scenario selection field.

Fiori application: SCX Process Explorer preselection

Integration of videos, documents, images, etc. via a link in the SCX process

In the SCX process, it is now possible to store an external link in the activity or via the combination of categories. This can be used to integrate videos, documents, images, etc. into the process. If a link has been maintained, it can be called up via the corresponding icon.

Screenshot from the SCX Process Explorer showing the new option for integrating documents, videos and images via a link.

Fiori application: SCX Process Explorer activity with an icon to a link

SCX documentation in the Fiori launchpad

All SCX documentation can now be accessed in the Fiori launchpad via a new app: Document Explorer. You can also search for existing documents here.

Screenshot of the new app Document Explorer in the Fiori launchpad, which can be used to access all SCX documentation.

Fiori application: Document Explorer