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Highlight features of the templates

Composite, differently colored building stones for graphical representation of programming templates.

Easy to programme and yet highly professional

Programming templates for the creation of professional Fiori apps? This is already reality – with the templates from ifm. Now there are even more great features that you can use to create your own state-of-the-art, highly functional apps.

Just get started!

Make Fiori apps yourself

Since Release 23.0, SAP S/4HANA has made it possible to create a Fiori app using templates. Now it's even easier to create!

Based on an OData service from Release 23.0, you now have the option of creating a Fiori app directly in the template generator by specifying a few parameters.

By ticking the box “call app“, you can then display the generated app directly in the browser.

Without using external tools, Fiori element apps can be created via the “Fiori app“ item in the template generator.

Screenshot for creating a Fiori app via the template generator

Bring your programs created with the templates into the Fiori world.

Integration of the documentation in the generator

To make working with the templates easier, the template documentation has been integrated into the generator. This means that all information on the template functions can be found quickly and easily.

Screenshot for integrating the documentation in the template generator

The documentation for the generator is now available directly in the template generator via the button “documentation”. The documentation for the individual templates can be opened after selecting the corresponding item via the button “documentation module“.

Ensure greater readability – completely automatically

In order to display graphics clearly in dark SAP GUI themes, the font colour is now automatically changed to a light colour for dark backgrounds.

Screenshots for a comparative representation of the light-dark function

Graphics now also in dark SAP GUI themes

Define who is allowed to edit layouts

To define who is allowed to create and change layouts on a report-specific basis, the authorisation object S_ALV_LAYR is now also queried, as you already know from other modules.

Screenshot: assigning authorisations for editing layouts

Program-specific definition of layout authorizations