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Which sensor is best for your application?

The O2I5 family includes versions with 3 different fields of view (standard, wide-angle and telephoto) and 2 different light sources (visible red and infrared). Visible red light is best for most applications, especially where printed codes are used. Infrared light is best for codes that are directly applied to the part, e.g. dot-peened, engraved, etched, etc. It is also color independent, so it can be used when the code or background colors change.

Field of view comparison up to 1000 mm. See table below for operating distances for all three lens options.

Code reader specifications
Lens Operating distance Field of view
at 1000 mm
Type of light EtherNet/IP - TCP/IP
Order no.
ProfiNet - TCP/IP
Order no.
Standard (B) 85...2000 mm 300 x 225 mm Red light O2I500 O2I510
Infrared O2I501 O2I511
Wide-angle (A) 35...1000 mm 600 x 450 mm Red light O2I502 O2I512
Infrared O2I503 O2I513
Telephoto lens (C) 200...4000 mm 190 x 145 mm Red light O2I504 O2I514
Infrared O2I505 O2I515