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Improve manufacturing efficiency

More than 90% of errors in production processes are human. Instituting a robust tracking program can mitigate unexpected overhead.

  • Reliably monitor production changes in flexible manufacturing.
  • Improve tracing of finished goods to bolster quality control.
  • Verify correct kitting and product sequencing in real time.
  • Eliminate packaging errors with container verification.

ifm’s O2I 1D and 2D code reader is a fully self-contained solution designed for easy installation and implementation. It is reliable without complexity and it opens the possibility of serialized production tracking to every manufacturer.

Reduce installation and commissioning time

What would it mean to your facility if you could design and integrate a quality-tracking program yourself?

  • The largest expense is not the hardware, but the cost of solution design, PLC programming and higher level system integration, and installation.
  • ifm developed a code reader capable of performing quality and tracking verification tasks internally without a PLC or software integration.

Improve product quality by tracking production steps in the assembly process

What if your machine received build and quality check instructions from the product itself?

  • Serialization allows for customized quality checks at each stage of the assembly process and ensures that each production step is completed for every work piece.

Confirm key steps in flexible manufacturing

  • Customize assembly stations and processes to each build throughout the machining and assembly processes.
  • Enables real-time changeover between work orders on a single production line for reliable and accurate flexible manufacturing.

Verify product shipment sequencing in real time

What if you could be 100% sure your shipping orders are sequenced correctly all the time?

  • Serialization ensures that customer orders are sequenced properly in real-time.
  • Maximize workflow for you and your customers by loading and unloading shipments in the proper order.
  • Improve the overall quality of your shipments.

Optimize supply chain by providing visibility to product locations and time stamps

What if you could minimize potential component recalls due to sub-standard raw materials?

  • Traceability is critical to narrow the lot sizes for products after they have been supplied to the field.
  • With ifm’s code reader, you can afford to increase the granularity of your track and trace program and ultimately reduce production lot sizes.

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