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Discover IO-Link

Unlock the potential of sensors

IO-Link can unlock "trapped" data in sensors to provide useful information.

  • Machines can be serviced as needed, instead of at scheduled intervals
  • Energy usage can be monitored to better understand the cost of production
  • Exact tolerances can be determined to produce quality parts
  • Product efficiency can be improved by tracing assets throughout the manufacturing process

IO-Link is a worldwide open-standard protocol for connecting sensors and devices. To get started all you need is IO-Link masters with existing wiring.

The Benefits of IO-Link

True digital signal replaces analog

IO-Link transmits a true digital process signal for more reliable and accurate signals than analog outputs.


Multiple sensor values with a single connection

With IO-Link, process sensors have the ability to transmit multiple sensor values. For example, ifm’s flow sensors can accurately transmit both flow and temperature measured values to the controller. This two-in-one capability reduces the need for multiple sensors and installation time.

Simple plug-and-play replacement

The IO-Link master stores all parameters of the connected sensors. If a sensor must be replaced, the previous parameters are automatically written to the new sensor. Looking up the required sensor settings is not necessary.

Change sensor parameters remotely

No need to shut down the machine to make changes to sensor parameters. IO-Link allows remote parameterization without incurring unnecessary downtime. Parameters are easily changed via the plc.

Reduces maintenance costs

IO-Link’s machine condition monitoring sensors are capable of tracking machine components, such as rolling element bearings, rotational turbulences, gear drive trains, etc. Predictive diagnostic sensor data is transmitted to the plc for early detection of critical failures. A proven solution for efficient predictive maintenance plans, IO-Link increases uptime and reduces maintenance costs.

Reduces analog functionality costs

IO-Link reduces the cost of analog functionality. The need for analog electronics in sensors or costly analog cards is eliminated.