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IO-Link technology

An intelligent way to communicate to sensors

Manufacturing plants, worldwide, are preparing to leverage data and information technology to improve their overall equipment efficiency. IO-Link is a breakthrough technology that will make this possible. IO-Link allows the pathway for sensors to communicate diagnostic information to the PLC.

  • An IEC 61131-9 global standard digital communication protocol
  • Point-to-point communication, not a FieldBus
  • A complement to control systems utilizing Ethernet-based FieldBus such as Ethernet/IP
  • Uses standard, unshielded device cabling – M8, M12, etc
    • 20 meter maximum length
    • No special cables required
  • Allows devices to send & receive significantly more data
    • Digital measure value of the sensor’s process data
    • Parameters setting and monitoring
    • Event and Diagnostic data
    • Still allows for the connection of binary sensors as before
  • Large consortium of manufacturers
  • The foundation of the “Digital Factory”

What is an IO-Link master?

It is a smarter Ethernet-based IO module. It looks and acts like standard fieldbus IO modules but provides you greater access to information on your sensors. In addition, no special cables are required, and it can be used for simple binary devices too.

IO-Link ports are configurable

4 or 8 configurable M12 Ports, A-type:

Option A: Digital Input (pin 4) + Digital Input (pin 2)
Option B: Digital Output 200mA max (pin 4)
Option C: IO-Link Device (pin 4) + Digital Input (pin 2)

Choose the IO-Link master for your application

What is an IO-Link device?

With IO-Link communication, you now have more intelligent devices.

Level sensors are no longer on/off sensors but can allow a customer to optimize their cleaning cycle by providing not only information about the fluid in the pipe or the tank, but can also give information on whether the fluid is actual product, cleaning agent or rinse water. This information can help optimize the cleaning cycles and create additional production capacity.

SM20xx flow sensor shown

Flow sensors can operate as a flow switch, flow meter and temperature device - all through a single standard cable, sensor and physical mount. This data can be used to calculate energy consumption of the machine.