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IO-Link | Setup and support

Thank you for choosing ifm IO-Link for your Industry 4.0 journey. The information on the following pages will help guide you. Additionally, Startup packages including detailed information regarding initial setup, add-on instructions where appropriate, sample programs, etc.are available in the download tab on the datasheet page for the IO-Link master you are using.

Should you need additional support, feel free to contact our service center at 800-441-8246 and speak to one of our applications engineers.

About IO-Link

IO-Link modernizes the way digital sensors and actuators connect and communicate within an automated system. It integrates easily with nearly any automated environment. The digital, bidirectional channel offers a 100% digital pathway from field-mounted sensors to your PLC, making it more reliable and accurate than analog alternatives.

IO-Link Benefits

IO-Link technology and devices offer numerous benefits for industrial applications. These include: 

  • Improved Product Quality: 100% digital communication ensures more reliable and accurate data, improving product quality and verification processes.

  • Lower Costs: Eliminates the need for analog input cards, reducing the size of control cabinets and overall expenses.

  • Increased Efficiency: Enables quicker recipe changes through bidirectional communication between process instruments and higher-level controllers, reducing cycle time.

  • Improved Machine Uptime: Features automatic device replacement, minimizing unplanned downtime by auto-downloading parameters from an existing device onto a replacement device.

  • Versatility: IO-Link is an open standard supported globally, integrating easily with nearly any automated system.

  • Simple Installation: Uses conventional 3-wire sensor and actuator connections, making it straightforward to install and operate.

  • Real-Time Data Access: Provides access to real-time process data, parameter data, and predictive data for better decision-making.

Learn More 

Browse our IO-Link setup FAQ section,learn more about configuring devices with Moneo software, or find support tools for IO-Link integration.