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Don’t let your PLC carry the entire burden!

The PLC has been a mainstay of automation since the 1970’s and it is used to control industrial automated equipment. With the advent of Ethernet technologies and IIoT applications, the PLC has been forced to carry more and more information that is not necessarily used to control the machines.

The PLC only uses 5% of the sensor information. Data size is in bytes and cycle time in msec.

But what if we could allow your sensors to talk directly to your SCADA, MES, ERP, CMMS systems directly without the PLC intervention and still send the information to the PLC for machine control?

This is now possible with the Y-path from ifm. Our IO-Link masters come with a separate IIoT port with a dedicated IP address for the IT infrastructure without affecting the machine control side of the system. This unique approach allows you to send information and data directly to where it is needed.

HMI, visualization computers, servers, PCs, etc. use 95% of the sensor information. Data size is in Mbytes and cycle time is in seconds.