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moneo | configure, QMP010, is ifm’s solution to parameterizing IO-Link devices. Part of ifm’s growing IIoT software platform known as moneo, moneo | configure installs on your Windows PC and provides a centralized tool to detect, parameterize, visualize and diagnose IO-Link devices, regardless of the manufacturer. The intuitive user interface simplifies device configuration and reduces machine commissioning time.

Software functions

Configure IO-Link devices
  • Find all IO-Link devices connected to the network
  • Configure IP addresses of ifm IO-Link masters
  • Read and write parameters to all IO-Link sensors and devices
  • Online and offline parameter changes of IO-Link sensors and devices
  • Support for 3rd party IO-Link sensors and devices with IODD files
  • Automatic dashboard generation without any user configuration
  • Quickly view real-time values from IO-Link sensors and devices
  • View short term trend history
IODD management
  • View local and online IODD catalogs
  • Install updates
  • Import IODD files

Why moneo | configure?

Parameter data record management Tool for all IO-Link devices Overview of all IO-Link devices in the network Dynamic cockpit
Easy setup and replacement of IO-Link devices with only one tool Manufacturer-independent device setup, online / offline, with integrated IODD management Scanning of a complex IO-Link network with masters and devices Parallel visualization of the process values and parameters

There are two methods for connecting devices to moneo | configure -- via a USB adapter or via Ethernet / IO-Link master.

Connect with AL1060 USB adapter

Required accessories to be purchased separately:

  • QMP010 license
  • E80121 power supply with wall plug
  • E12689 USB patchcord
  • Any M12 A-coded patchcord to connect to sensor such as EVC012


  • Sensor power via USB
  • Easily portable


  • Only one device may be connected at a time

Connect with IO-Link master / Ethernet


  • Connection to multiple masters and devices at a time
  • Access devices without changing / disconnecting existing controls wiring


  • Separate 24 VDC power required for IO-Link master

Tech Insights videos
Description Play video
Downloading and activating your moneo | configure license (Run time 3:13)
Scanning your network for devices (Run time 3:32)
Reading and writing parameters to devices (Run time 3:48)
Changing IP address of IO-Link master (Run time 2:42)