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Improve production quality through error proofing

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OPD pmd profiler provides inline quality control checks for automated assembly tasks at a fraction of the cost for complex vision systems
The pmd profiler projects a laser line that very accurately measures the contour of a part and compares it to a known good part. When the detected contour is outside the user-defined limits, the sensor signals a bad part. 
150...300 mm
OMH high-accuracy laser sensor detects quality issues early in your production processes with resolution up to 0.01 mm
ifm's OMH laser sensor catches production quality issues before the product is packaged and shipped, reducing the overall cost of errors. The price vs. performance ration makes the OMH laser affordable and reliable to catch errors as early in the process as possible.
30...500 mm
O2D5 family of vision sensors solves error-proofing and inspection applications
The CMOS image sensor, evaluation electronics and integrated lighting all in a compact robust housing provides reliable performance using object and contour recognition and BLOB analysis tools.
35...5000 mm

Long ranges, precise light spots, various housing sizes

Photoelectric sensors have been a part of ifm’s portfolio since 1980. Over the years, our products have become smaller yet more powerful and precise. 

Explore options for error proofing by visiting our Search by application page for photoelectric sensors.

Many of our photoelectric sensors are IO-Link enabled and setup is achieved in a few minutes using the moneo | configure software on a laptop or the moneo | blue app that runs on a mobile device.