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  1. Discover IO-Link
  2. Device configuration
  3. moneo | blue

Connect to IO-Link devices wirelessly with moneo | blue

Monitor and configure IO-Link sensors on your iOS or Android device wirelessly over Bluetooth

Connect the adapter to one port for access to all IO-Link devices on the master

Powerful access in the palm of your hand at the machine level!

moneo | blue and the Bluetooth adapter provides:

  • Easy replacement and Moneo configuration of your IO-Link device without a laptop or computer
  • Access to real-time diagnostic information about your process like peak value, drift, etc.
  • Secure communication due to Bluetooth connectivity -- only one mobile device at a time may connect

Core functionality

With the moneo | blue app and Bluetooth plug, EIO330, connected to one port of an ifm IO-Link master, access to parameters, process values and diagnostics from all sensors connected to the IO-Link master is at your fingertips.

Parameter data record and managment  Tool for all IO-Link devices Overview of all IO-Link devices on the ifm IO-Link master Dynamic cockpit display
Easy setup and replacement of IO-Link devices with only one tool. Record and download process data as a .csv file for further analysis offline. Manufacturer-independent device setup (ifm IO-Link masters are required) Switch from one device to another easily using your smart phone Visualize process values and parameters for devices connected devices on the ifm IO-Link master on your smart phone

Free moneo | blue app provides graphic representation

The highlight of the moneo | blue app, that you can download free of charge for Apple and Android smart phones, is the intuitive graphic representation of all IO-Link devices  connected to the ifm IO-Link master. This makes device configuration simple and fast.

Tech insights videos
Description Play video
Collecting data and downloading reports (3:56)
Configuring IO-Link devices (3:11)
Performing a factory reset (2:17)