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pmd Profiler - Accurate contour analysis for quality control

Quality control analysis checks correct and complete assembly of parts

  • Intuitive set-up guide requires no software
  • Two simple modes optimizes the application solution

IO-Link provides performance+

  • Evaluate detailed information, including internal operating temperature and number of power cycles, for increased manufacturing efficiency and quality.
  • Determine key production figures, like scrap rate by tracking the number of pass and fail inspections, to increase plant effectiveness.

Increase product quality and machine availability by permanently eliminating errors

The pmd Profiler targets error proofing applications. It monitors the assembly, alignment and selection of components, subassemblies and final products. It also provides precise object inspection to check, for example, threaded screw depth or fastener locking.

By projecting a straight laser line, the pmd Profiler determines the height profile of objects it inspects. It compares the height profile with the reference taught profile and helps you identify non-conforming parts in real time and reject them earlier in the manufacturing process.

Cost effective alternative to camera systems and 1D distance sensors

The pmd Profiler reaches a whole new dimension in error control. Camera systems can be sensitive to external light and 1D distance sensors require precise positioning making alignment challenging. The pmd Profiler is unaffected by external light and it reliably inspects objects even at varying distances.

Transmit additional information such as reject rate or match value to your higher level plant network for trending and process optimazation.

Inspection options

Manual control High error rate
Highest resource requirement
Single point control
1D distance sensors
Distance dependent
Precise target positioning requirement
Difficult alignment for small targets
No object detection
Line scanners / cameras pmd Profiler
Vision systems Sensitive to ambient light
Expensive to integrate
Configuration software required

Comparison of quality control / inspection methods 

User friendly for fast commissioning

  • Connect to your control system with industry standard M12 cordsets.
  • Teach the reference object directly with the intuitive user interface on the sensor without software.
  • Use the projected line to visualize the region of interest.
  • The yellow LED on the sensor turns on when it detects good parts.

ifm offers the Vision Assistant software to view information such as an X / Z diagram of the height profile.

Application Camera system 1D distance sensor pmd Profiler
Sort by colors
Sort by height
Difficult ambient light
Complex setup
Shiny objects
Variable alignment
Contained object
Uncontained object
Dynamic application
Contour detection