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pmd Profiler - Accurate contour analysis for quality control

  • Improve production quality by checking every assembly step.
  • Exceptional accuracy at the right price point allows for more error-proofing checks on production cells.
  • A better alternative to complex vision systems for error-proofing checks.
  • Reliable technology eliminates risk of false positives from external light or mechanical movement.

Assembly and error-proofing applications can be costly if not done correctly. Solutions for these applications range from single point lasers to complex camera systems requiring appropriate lighting. The pmd Profiler projects a laser line that very accurately measures the contour of the part. At its simplest, the profiler is a point-and-shoot device that provides highly accurate pass/fail information. It is immune to extraneous light, so anyone can get up and running quickly with no prior experience. 

Cost effective alternative to camera systems and 1D distance sensors

The pmd Profiler reaches a whole new dimension in error control. Camera systems can be sensitive to external light and 1D distance sensors require precise positioning making alignment challenging. The pmd Profiler is unaffected by external light and it reliably inspects objects even at varying distances.

Transmit additional information such as reject rate or match value to your higher level plant network for trending and process optimazation.

Inspection options

Manual control High error rate
Highest resource requirement
Single point control
1D distance sensors
Distance dependent
Precise target positioning requirement
Difficult alignment for small targets
No object detection
Line scanners / cameras pmd Profiler
Vision systems Sensitive to ambient light
Expensive to integrate
Configuration software required

Comparison of quality control / inspection methods