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Improving manufacturing quality

What if you could inspect different objects for position and properties with just one vision sensor? Whether contour detection or BLOB analysis, the O2D5 family of vision sensors excels at solving most error-proofing and inspection applications throughout the manufacturing plant for a fraction of the cost of other vision systems and sensors.

Reliable error-proofing

Independent of target positioning
  • Anchor tracking function
Robust against external light
  • Multi-image analysis at various exposure rates
  • Polarization filters reduce impact of stray reflections
Application quality check
  • Real-time focus monitoring
  • Real-time brightness monitoring
  • Real-time region of interest monitoring
Multi-algorithm analysis
  • Contour + BLOB algorithms
Improving total cost of ownership
Affordable innovation
  • Good price / performance ratio
  • Increase number of quality checkpoints
Integrated solution
  • Onboard processing
  • Onboard lighting
  • Software tool library included
Quick and easy setup
  • Wizard assistance for application development
  • Integrated solution saves installation and commissioning time
Wide application coverage
Multiple onboard algorithms
  • Contour + BLOB
Software tool library
  • Pattern, form, object, location, measurement, diameter, roundness tools
                              Static and dynamic applications
  • Imager resolution 1.2 MP
  • 35 fps target speed
  • Onboard processing power
Mounting flexibility in application
  • Compact housing
  • Integrated lighting