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Securing assembly quality with ifm mate

What are the challenges facing assembly?

  • High variety of individual work steps and products increases the complexity of the activity
  • Decreasing product quality or time and cost-intensive rework due to incorrect assembly

What support does ifm mate offer?

  • Visual instructions for manual handling processes
  • Showing digital assembly information, matching the current handling sequence
  • NEW: Sensor-based quality control of assembly steps
  • Warning in case of non-compliance with the specified workflow
  • Flexible deployment of employees in various assembly processes

Which specific advantages does ifm mate offer?

An increasing array of products presents many companies with ever new challenges, especially when manual assembly tasks are indispensable despite increasing digitalisation. But how can companies and employees effectively manage the diversity of the variants available?

The answer: With ifm mate. The system takes a completely new approach and utilises experience in the field of sensor technology and vision systems - the human hand becomes a component of the 2D/3D camera system.

Real-time assembly assistance

In the field of vision of a 2D/3D camera, ifm mate is able to track the position of the hands without any further technical or visual aids. The employee is accompanied in real time when performing the activity: Previously performed work steps are marked in the live image and the next work step is colour highlighted. At the same time, work instructions can be provided in the form of videos or documents to correspond with the respective work step. From version 1.3.0 onwards, sensor-based monitoring of assembly steps is also possible. The employee is thus provided with appropriate information to produce a perfect quality product at all times. Any deviation from the specified process steps is indicated by a message on the monitor, thereby enabling the employee to react and take immediate corrective action.

ifm mate as a stand-alone solution

ifm mate can be part of an already existing quality system: Thanks to its simple design and ease of start-up, the system can be integrated into almost any manual workstation. For companies, this is a way to digitalise manual processes with the advantages of enhanced product quality and flexibility of employees and available knowledge; for employees, it relieves the burden of daily work routines and provides real-time support even for complex production steps – ifm mate thus offers exceptional added value for both the organisation and the employee!