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Packaging processes optimised with ifm mate

What are the challenges of manual packaging processes?

  • Complaints due to missing or incorrect components
  • Decreasing concentration span due to high monotony of manual tasks
  • Manual processes that cannot be automated
  • High individuality regarding variants & employees

What support does ifm mate offer?

  • Visualisation & guidance of defined work steps in real time
  • Standardisation of manual work processes
  • Warning in case of deviation from the standard workflow
  • Individual guidance through the process, oriented to the speed & working method of the worker

The easy way to eliminate errors!

Which specific advantages does ifm mate offer?

Packaging and order picking – these are often monotonous and frequently recurring activities that, nevertheless, play key roles in almost every manufacturing company. They must, therefore, be performed with a high level of concentration. Since mistakes and inaccuracies usually result from carelessness – and can quickly have enormous negative impacts, such as unsatisfied customers due to incomplete deliveries or time lost due to picking errors during work preparation. Despite advancing digitalisation, packaging and order picking processes are still carried out manually in many cases – and this is precisely where the digital assistance system ifm mate comes into play.

Real-time assistance

ifm mate uses the human hand as a sensor. In the field of vision of a 2D/3D camera, the system is able to track the position of the hands without any further technical or visual aids, thereby controlling previously learned handling sequences. The employee is accompanied in real time when performing the activity: Previously performed work steps are marked in the live image and the next work step is colour highlighted. Acknowledgement occurs automatically by reaching into the specified areas, meaning the employee is not disturbed in any way, shape or form when working. Any deviation from the specified process steps is indicated by a message on the monitor and, optionally, by a signal light in the field of vision. This enables the employee to react and take immediate corrective action.

Less stress, more quality

Further, sequences can be programmed quickly and easily directly in the camera image via the user interface before being saved. This offers two completely different advantages: Extreme flexibility when positioning accessories, boxes and shelves, depending on the respective employee's preferences. Or a position optimised for in-work ergonomics and performance that the company can offer its employees. Especially in the case of high complexity and product variety, the levels of stress for employees can thus be reduced, while product quality and process reliability are enhanced. ifm mate thus offers exceptional added value for both the organisation and the employee.