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The worker assistance system for manual production tasks – ifm mate

Real-time instructions due to intelligent image processing

High assembly variance, fluctuation and complex process sequences lead to a permanently high need for training in manual production - combined with an equally high commitment of resources when the experienced colleagues support the new ones with advice and assistance. That is commendable but - hand on heart - also not very economical.

How about giving the new colleagues a full-time teacher who knows everything that's important? A colleague who is always available and points out deviations in good time and thus easily minimises errors. A buddy you can rely on in any production situation. A real mate.


Experience how easy and efficient it is to train the production process even for very small batches, effectively ensuring 100% quality from the very first step. Without any additional manpower. No frills at all. Very uncomplicated.

What is ifm mate?

mate [meɪt] stands for Manual Assembly Training Engineer and a helping hand. ifm mate is your reliable companion and guide for all manual assembly tasks - from simple to complicated - and ensures a consistently high level of accuracy when executing repetitive packaging tasks. ifm mate helps the worker achieve the required level of occupational safetyat every step. Time-consuming and costly on-the-job training by co-workers can be reduced, and rework to achieve the required quality can be avoided from the outset.

Individual real-time support
Instructions tailored to the worker guide them safely through the process
Simple, intuitive and flexible
Equipping and retrofitting without the need for experts, and simple adjustments possible - can be used by just about everyone
Without any bells and whistles
A deep learning system without any additional accessories. Wrist trackers or VR goggles are not required
"mate" by ifm
Tailored solution for production tasks, developed by our own production staff. Unique and award winning

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