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ifm mate: The modules

New: sensor-based QA process for assembly tasks

O2D5 vision sensor assists workers with target/actual comparison

Seamless integration of the O2D5 vision sensor extends the worker assistance system to include hands-on support for workers in assembly monitoring. The sensor compares the actual condition of contours and surfaces with predefined target conditions. This can be done between assembly steps or at the end of the process using one or more vision sensors. Incorrect assembly of connectors, omitted glue points or incorrectly fitted components are reliably detected with high accuracy and signalled to the worker. As a further aid, the respective target contour is displayed on the monitor so that the assembly step can be corrected quickly and easily in a memorable way. When the actual condition matches the specification, the system releases the next assembly step. No additional controller is required to integrate the O2D5 vision sensors into ifm mate.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Permanent inline and final quality control
  • Immediate learning effect thanks to target/actual display
  • Safety in complex and sensitive production steps
  • Lowest possible percentage of faulty products

These are the features you can look forward to:

Further modules will be added to ifm mate in the future:

Data recording for process analysis
Transparent order processing
Through direct connection to your ERP system

Many options for perfect quality control

The Dualis is available with infrared or RGB-W illumination. The latter makes it possible to distinguish objects by their colour. Highly reflective objects can also be detected easily thanks to the polarisation filter. In strongly fluctuating light conditions, the Dualis takes up to 5 images with different exposure times and then selects the optimally illuminated image for quality control.

Version 1.2.0: communication interface now available

REST-API: Connection to ERP and server structures

With the REST-API, ifm mate from software version 1.2.0 or higher offers the possibility to establish a connection to higher-level network structures. If several of the worker assistance systems are used, they can access a central library of assembly guidelines. Dialogue with ERP systems is also possible, for example, to centrally and efficiently send assembly orders to the individual manual workstations. If tools are integrated, the exact torque for the current assembly process could be transmitted via the interface in order to avoid damage to the product.

In short: With the help of the REST-API, you can integrate ifm mate directly into your digital order management and quality assurance processes.

The following applications are now possible:

  • Quality control
  • Version management
  • Order management
  • Interaction with tools