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ifm mate: Advantages

The ifm mate assistance system supports workers with manual processes in production or at packaging workstations. Equipped with an optical 2D/3D camera, it identifies the worker’s hands and detects, for example, whether the worker has reached inside a box or not. The recognition of the hand, which is based on powerful deep learning technology, is the key component of the system. Whether workers are right- or left-handed is just as irrelevant for recognition as the position of the hand.

Consistently high level of product quality

Assuring the quality of manual work steps has been a challenge to date compared to digitalised processes. With the new worker assistance system, quality assurance is achieved very easily. Costly complaints can be prevented efficiently.

Fast on-the-job training and flexible employee scheduling

ifm mate also offers advantages in terms of staff deployment: The system can support production employees with the aid of various work instructions on the monitor, e.g. video instructions. This allows for flexible deployment of personnel at different workstations.

Fully virtual system works without the need for cumbersome accessories

Thanks to the hand recognition in the combined 2D and 3D technology, the worker assistance system does not require any further accessories such as VR goggles or wrist trackers. This greatly increases worker comfort compared to other guidance systems, resulting in very high acceptance levels among workers, as they are in no way restricted within their usual working environment.

ifm mate adapts to your requirements, not the other way round.

Workflows can flexibly be customised in the software. For example, it is possible to predefine a step sequence or let workers perform the steps in any order. This ensures the ergonomics of the work processes can be maintained or even optimised.

Easy and quick set-up

Setting up ifm mate is simple and intuitive – no IT or specialist support is needed. Quick changeover to a new application is not a problem.

Connection to higher-level systems and processes

With the help of the REST-API, you can integrate ifm mate directly into your digital order management and quality assurance processes.

"mate" by ifm – expertise from our own experience

The origin of the development was our own production facility and the aim to reduce complaints, particularly around the manual packaging of sensors. The system is yet another step towards Industry 4.0 and the digital factory.

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