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One mate for three applications.

Do you have other ideas or requirements?
We will be happy to advise you on an individual solution with our worker assistance system.


Complaints due to missing or incorrect components in the packaging? Optimise your packaging process with ifm mate.


Decreasing product quality due to incorrect assembly? Secure your assembly process with ifm mate.


Cost and time-intensive training of new employees? Train your employees in real time with ifm mate.

Why you need ifm mate

Compliance with the standard workflow

Manual work processes can be standardised and deviations immediately detected

Significant reduction of training times

Reduced time-consuming and cost-intensive learning phases in favour of faster value creation

Safe handling of a wide range of variants

Less individual preparation time thanks to immediately retrievable assembly guidance, even for very small batches

Increased employee satisfaction

Noticeable relief for the workers thanks to situation-appropriate presentation of information