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Cylinder sensors with IO-Link provide real-time data for predictive maintenance

Cylinder sensors are used for position detection of pistons in pneumatic cylinders. They are directly mounted into the T-slot of the cylinder housing or into a mounting accessory. The ring magnet attached to the piston is sensed through the housing wall of non-magnetizable material (e.g., aluminum, brass, or stainless steel).

The magnetic cylinder position sensor with IO-Link capability has extraordinary performance. Like many other types of magnetic cylinder sensors, it detects linear position of the piston during operation. With our newest 3D-hall measuring cell, the sensor can provide continuous process value along the entire cylinder that is equal or shorter than 50 mm (2 inches). The sensor has two switching outputs that detect both end positions of a short-stroke cylinder. The measuring range of 50 mm (2”) makes the sensor well suited for almost all short-stroke cylinders. So many value-added features can be unlocked with IO-Link for more reliable process control, predictive maintenance planning, inline quality assurance and error-proofing.

Benefits at-a-glance

Exceptionally high resolution improves process transparency. Enables non-contact inline quality control at an unparalleled price / performance ratio.  
Two-in-one: Two outputs in one sensor for both end positions of short-stroke cylinders reduces installation and commission time.
Value-added IO-Link benfits unlocks millions of possibilites such as optimizing OEE, determining premature failure of cylnders, easy troubleshooting and failure analysis.
Built-in stroke timer and cycle counter provides full visibility to the inner operation of the cylinder, allowing activities to be planned before a simple cylinder shuts down the whole machine.