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Connect your machines for real-time analytics

What if your machine could provide actionable insights to your engineering and service team?


What if you could remotely diagnose and update the software on your machine?




mobile IoT is a complete and scalable solution consisting of hardware and software. With a robust and secure modem, you can have seamless integration into your machine via Ethernet or CAN for diagnostic and troubleshooting. Having a gateway on your machine will allow fast transmission of data over a secure network with one point of access. The user can transfer data to and from machines directly via the internet or the cloud. With this solution, you are always informed about the exact condition and location of your machine. Additionally, software updates can be efficiently distributed to the fleet via the mobile IoT cloud.

With mobile IoT, the digitization of your mobile work machines is done in no time at all. It only takes a few minutes for the machine to connect to the cloud, exchange information and visualize the data on the dashboard.

Maintenance and operation information available with ifm's remote diagnostics and service units.