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  1. Mobile control systems
  2. ISOBUS gateway

ISOBUS gateway for agricultural equipment

  • Reliable communication between implement and tractor
  • Preinstalled ISOBUS object pool for visualizatoin on the "Universal Terminal"
  • Easy configuration via CODESYS using ISOBUS libraries
  • Quick and simple implementation without additional license fees
  • AEF certified

ISOBUS is simple

The ISOBUS gateway enables easy integration of ISOBUS functionalities in the control program of an implement for agricultural equipment. The function library provided is loaded via CODESYS V2.3 or V3.5 into the existing application program where it configures the visualization in line with the respective requirements.

Optimized processes

Thanks to optimized data processing, only the values to be visualized on the connected display are transmitted, reducing the load on the data bus significantly. The considerable reduction of implementation efforts minimizes development costs. No additional license fees for using the ISOBUS gateway are required.

Plug-and-play with the ISOBUS terminals

The ISOBUS gateway allows easy use of the existing display in the tractor unit via the ISOBUS. The gateway is installed between the controller in the implement and the connection to the tractor. Using the libraries provided in CODESYS, the visualization saved on the gateway is simply adjusted to suit the individual application. The most commonly used ISOBUS visualization objects are available.

The AUX function (Auxiliary Control Function) is supported so that the respective machine handling can be individually adapted to the application. With the convenient M12 connector, the ISOBUS gateway can be easily connected with any mobile controller from ifm via the CAN interface, even as an aftermarket addition.

Designed for robust applications

The ISOBUS gateway can be used in 12 V and 24 V on-board networks. The high IP67 protection rating and the closed surface provide protection even under adverse environmental conditions. Even extreme temperatures or permanent shock and vibration do not affect the functionality of the ISOBUS gateway.

Top product
  Part No. Description
  • Simple and secure gateway via ISOBUS and CAN ISO 11898
  • Reliable communication module between the tractor and the field implement
  • No additional license cost, using CODESYS and ISOBUS libraries