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  1. PI sanitary pressure transmitter
  2. IO-Link benefits

IO-Link provides diagnostic and other data

With IO-Link, process sensors have the ability to transmit multiple sensor values. Via IO-Link digital communication, the PI family can provide:

  • High resolution digital process value with 20,000 steps
  • Multiple process values (pressure and temperature) over a single wire
  • Device status and diagnostic information including operating hours and event history
  • Internal memory for minimum and maximum system pressure and temperature
  • Remote parameterization / calibration offset adjustment
  • Optical localization / sensor identification via display flashing [IO-L]

Resolution of IO-Link signal

The digital IO-Link communication provides a very stable and accurate signal, which has more immunity to electrical noise than traditional analog communication. The PI1 series also provides precise measurements with exceptionally high resolution. Standard IO-Link architecture with your choice of IO-Link master and the PI1 sensor is all you need to unlock the digital power and diagnostics of this device. 

Article No.
Aseptoflex Vario
Article No.
G1 Sealing Cone
Measuring range Resolution



-1…25 bar

-14.5…362.6 psi

0.001 bar

0.015 psi



-1…10 bar

-14.5…145 psi

0.0005 bar

0.007 psi



-1…4 bar

-14.5…58 psi

0.0002 bar

0.003 psi



-0.124…2.5 bar

-1.82…36.3 psi

0.0001 bar

0.0015 psi



-50…1000 mbar

-20…401.5 inH2O

0.05 mbar

0.4 inH2O



-12.5…250 mbar

-5…100 inH2O

0.01 mbar

0.08 inH2O



-1000…1000 mbar

-14.5…14.5 psi

0.1 mbar

0.4  inH2O



-1…16 bar

-14.5…232 psi

0.0005 bar

0.007 psi



-1…6 bar

-14.5…87 psi

0.0002 bar

0.003 psi



-100…1600 mbar

-1.45…23.2 psi

0.05 mbar

0.0007 psi



-50…400 mbar

-20…160.6 inH2O

0.02 mbar

0.008  inH2O



-5…100 mbar

-2…40 inH2O

0.005 mbar

0.002  inH2O



-1…100 bar

-14.5…1450 psi

0.005 bar

0.073 psi

Where can I find more information on sensor IO-Link performance?

More information such as the IO-Link version, cyclical data, and IO-Link resolution can be found under the “Interfaces” section of the data sheet.

Cut from PI datasheet showing detailed IO-Link information

Diagnostic and other information

Internal Memory

The PI1 series includes instrument and process monitoring indicators that can be used for machine maintenance, sensor health, and process tracking.

  • Hi – Maximum high pressure measured up to max of the IO-Link Measuring Range
  • Lo – Minimum low pressure measured down to min of the IO-Link Measuring Range
  • HIPS – User programmable pressure over limit point
  • HIPC – Pressure over limit counter (Number of times above HIPS limit for at least 0.5 ms)
Chart explaining how the internal memory of the PI counts pressure excursions above a setpoint.

Switching cycle counter is also available at output 1 and output 2 in the [OUT_Counter] parameter and stores this value every full 60 minutes.

Event Logging

The PI1 series with IO-Link has two logging mechanisms

  • Event History (parameter [Event_History]) – records and stores the last 20 events in the onboard sensor memory
  • Event Counter (parameter [Event_Counter]) – records how often specific events occurred at the sensor

Operating Hours

The PI1 series has an operating hours counter (parameter [operating_hours]) that count the hours the sensor was active. This records automatically and cannot be reset.

Simulation function [SIM]

The sensor can simulate process values and error states. This function provides simple and easy means to test your system and programming without the need for real process values to drive an output. The function works for simulating IO-Link, switching, and analog outputs, removing the need for signal generators.