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From vibration monitoring to Industry 4.0

Vibration monitoring

Monitoring of overall vibration according to ISO 10816.
Detecting resulting damage at an early stage, avoiding consequential damage and increasing life spans.

monitoring of the overall status of the machine.

compliant to ISO 10816.

protection against machine damage.

easy integration in the application.

increase of uptime.

Condition monitoring

Early detection of potential faults and their causes on the basis of individual vibration characteristics and other influencing factors.

permanent condition monitoring of critical machines.

machine diagnosis for early damage detection and avoidance of serious consequential damage.

maintenance actions can be planned.

Long life:
make optimum use of the residual life of components.

make production processes transparent –
meet TCO (total cost of ownership) concepts.

counter function for measurement of times of exposure and for production based on key indicators.

Machine protection / process monitoring

Avoid damage to machine components, tools or workpieces via permanent monitoring and very short response times. The integration into the PLC makes it possible to adjust the vibration monitoring to the process of the machine or the plant.

monitoring of dynamic forces, e.g. in milling processes.

response times of 1 ms.

machine, tools and workpieces are protected against expensive consequential damage.

early condition monitoring avoids unplanned failures.

direct connection to the machine control via a fieldbus interface.

Vibration monitoring product overview

The ifm group of companies: our own development and production with high quality standard.

The detection and integrated evaluation of vibration signals serves as a basis for the seamless integration of online condition monitoring into manufacturer-independent automation and control systems.