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  1. From vibration monitoring to Industry 4.0
  2. Machine protection and process monitoring

Machine protection and process monitoring. Reduce reject and consequential damage.

Why machine protection and process monitoring?
Faulty settings and process parameters or wrong tools can lead to crash situations between components and tool spindle, to high strain of the spindle (increased wear) or to bad quality. This results in high consequential costs, a shortened lifetime and rejects.

Solution with efector octavis: The permanent measurement and evaluation of different vibration characteristics enables ideal monitoring and diagnostics of the tool spindle. Based on the dynamic increase in power, crash situations are detected in time and displayed. The switching output can react to the crash within a millisecond in order to minimise or even avoid consequential damage. The integration of the vibration monitoring into the machine control via the fieldbus interface enables an ideal adjustment of the evaluation (adjustment of the alarm thresholds, suppression of characteristic values that cannot be evaluated during processing, e.g. spindle bearing) to the current operating status of the machine.

Detect unusual vibrations.

The micromechanical acceleration sensor type VSA is screwed into the housing of the spindle and detects even the most subtle changes of the vibration behaviour.

The sensor withstands even fast movements and high forces without problems.

Avoid consequential damage to machine tools.

Changes in the cutting forces such as caused by blunt drilling machines or swarf jam are detected on the basis of the changed vibration characteristics.

Each tool can be assigned individual tolerance limits e.g. a warning and switch-off threshold. Damage to the workpiece is reliably prevented.