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Online condition monitoring with fieldbus interface

Comprehensive and adaptable condition monitoring for optimised condition and process monitoring

  • Fieldbus for data exchange with a PLC
  • Optimised condition and process monitoring
  • 3 Ethernet ports: for separate office and machine networks
  • 6 channels: 4x dynamic (e.g. acceleration, force), 2x analogue
  • Large onboard history log with real-time clock

Extensive and customisable condition monitoring
VSE150 is a 6-channel diagnostic system designed to evaluate 4 dynamic signals (e.g. rotational acceleration) and 2 analogue inputs. The new VSE15x family provides different fieldbus interfaces to exchange data with a PLC. This makes it possible to display the measuring values directly on the control system and optimally adapt the monitoring functions to the operating states and processes of the machine. In addition to the fieldbus, 2 fast digital switching outputs (response time ≤1 ms) are provided for time-critical alarms.

Reduced network complexity saves time and money
The direct PLC connection via fieldbus allows auxiliary parameters (e.g. rotational speed and triggers for operating states) as well as non-time-critical alarms from condition monitoring to be  exchanged over the bus. This not only reduces wiring complexity but also saves the cost of providing the corresponding inputs/outputs on the PLC.