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Success stories of our customers

Build the right solution for you now

We provide you with our innovative Solution Builder so that you can benefit quickly and easily from the precision of our flow sensors for the food industry. Define your requirements - and we will put together your product solution. Sounds good? Then why not give it a try right away?

Build the right solution for you now

Would you like to monitor the level in your tanks or containers reliably and automatically? In this case, we recommend you use our innovative Solution Builder for customised product solutions tailored precisely to your needs. Curious? Get started now!

Food safety: the importance of hygienic design

When it comes to food safety, nothing is as underestimated as hygienic design – Reason enough for Impulse – the ifm magazine to take a closer look at this topic.

The Orange Book: inspiration for automation

Whether on a large or small scale, indoors or outdoors, for stationary or mobile systems: automation is everywhere where machines do their job, processes take place or goods are being transported. And so is ifm. Discover our entire automation portfolio for businesses of any size and industry in our current edition of the Orange Book. Let our latest products inspire you to find new approaches to solutions. Provide your processes with increased quality, safety and efficiency. Automation has but one colour.

Cost driver compressed air? We have the solution.

Compressed air is one of the most expensive forms of energy in industrial environments. This makes it all the more important to use this energy as efficiently as possible, which also includes detecting leaks at an early stage and repairing them quickly. This reduces energy costs and ensures reliable functioning of the connected systems. We offer simple and effective solutions for seamless monitoring of the entire compressed air system. This allows you to track compressed air behaviour across the entire system - from the compressor to the individual end user.

Sustainability: what we do, what we offer

For ifm, sustainability is more than just a complacent buzzword. The responsible treatment of the environment and use of natural resources is firmly anchored in our corporate philosophy, and our regularly published sustainability reports document our progress towards climate-neutral production. Economy, environment and social issues are the three pillars of the company's development. And with our products we also support our customers in making processes more efficient and reliable and thus more resource-saving. See for yourself!

Order with confidence: 6 weeks return policy

Whether in person, on the phone or here in the web shop: We do our best every day to provide our customers with the right products for their applications. Have you found the product you want online? Then order now - and with complete peace of mind thanks to our generous return policy!

We want you to be satisfied. At the very least.

ifm products are distinguished by highest precision and above-average reliability. You have our word on that - and a 5-year warranty on our standard hardware. In addition, we are there for you at any time with advice, support and know-how as a reliable partner. We want you to feel confident that ifm is the right partner for your automation goals when using our products.

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