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  1. 3D object recognition
  2. Parameter setting and installation

Parameter setting and installation


The Vision Assistant offers 5applications: depalletising, robot gripper navigation, completeness monitoring, object dimensioning and level. A wizard guides the user through the application settings. This is self-explanatory and intuitive. The requested application can be set up and started in just a few minutes. The predefined applications make it possible to implement automation solutions, but the Vision Assistant can do more: In the extended parameter setting mode,experienced users can extend the given applications or create their own application solutions.

The Vision Assistant software is the central element for parameter setting and installation of the O3D sensor

O3D sensor –
Vision Assistant software

Application wizard and extended parameter setting mode

Constant exchange with users and extensive handling tests have led to an extraordinary simplification of sensor handling and integration.

At the same time, accuracy is still guaranteed and individual adjustments are still possible. Individual adaptation to the environment leads step by step to the required application.


Applications - out of the box

Installing the 3D sensor is easy thanks to the guiding wizard for the following applications

Extended parameter setting mode

Customisation or extension of applications

  • Quality control
  • extended completeness monitoring
  • extended palletising monitoring


Application example distance measurement on an AGV or lift truck

O3D camera –
software development kit

The O3D camera and the software development kit can be used to develop individual solutions and applications.

If the camera is integrated into a machine, the measured data can be evaluated with common image processing libraries. A software development kit with code samples is available in different programming languages.