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O3D technology

O3D 3D sensor with PMD Time-of Flight technology

Time-of-Flight (ToF). By measuring the time of flight of light, it is possible to determine the distance values at pixel level between the individual pixels and the object. Thereby, the 3D information is generated without any detours in real time. The best-known ToF techology is known as PMD (Photonic Mixer Device).

The PMD time-of-flight technology ensures detection of scenes and objects with just one image capture of 23,232 pixels in three dimensions and without motion blur. The scene is illuminated by modulated, invisible infrared light and the reflected light hits the PMD sensor.

O3D 3D sensor with PMD Time-of Flight technology


Infrared LEDs

Four high powered IR LEDs (830nm) illuminate the entire field of view of the O3D over a range of 0.3m to 5m and are protected by scratch-resistant glass.


The lens

The lens determines the field of view for the O3D. 60° x 45° and 40° x 30° alternatives are available for best possible adjustment to the application.



The pmd time-of-flight image sensor resolves the scene with 176 x 132 pixels. It is also equipped with a patented extraneous light suppression that makes it immune to changing light conditions in the application environment.


M12 Ethernet process data interface

The M12 Ethernet interface can be used both to set the parameters of the sensor and for communication of outgoing data via industrial Ethernet networks (TCP/IP & EIP). The parameters are set using the freely available ifm Vision Assistant.


M12 power supply

The 8 pin M12 connector is both for power supply of the sensor and an interface for the digital and analogue outputs.