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Inductive sensors

Sensors for mobile machines

E1 type approval by the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (German Federal Motor Transport Authority)
Wide operating temperature range
High ingress resistance for the requirements in harsh environmental conditions
Radiation protection:
High EMC resistance according to vehicle standards
Wide input voltage range

Position detection under harsh conditions

In contrast to devices for industrial automation, the demands on sensors for mobile applications are much higher. As they are mounted in exposed positions they have to meet special requirements. The devices are designed to ensure highest shock and vibration resistance. In combination with the connectors of the ecolink EVM series, the inductive sensors of the M series are the perfect combination for mobile applications. The sensors have a temperature range of -40...85°C so that they can operate reliably in extremely cold conditions and when installed next to hot engines. Moreover, the devices are insensitive to rapid temperature changes. A voltage range of 10V up to 60V for mobile sensors ensures that even high fluctuations of the on-board system do not affect the function. To comply with the ever increasing EMC requirements in mobile applications the devices feature an increased EMC resistance. The sensors have the E1 type approval. With this approval of the German Federal Office for Motor Traffic they are allowed for use in road vehicles without expiry of their operating permit.

Inductive sensors

• Use in mobile machines

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