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mobile IoT: the cloud solution for mobile machines

With mobile IoT, the benefits of digitalisation are also becoming a reality for mobile machines. Monitor the performance of your fleet, perform needs-based maintenance and keep your machine software up to date.

In short: Get the maximum performance out of your machine fleet.

mobile IoT is a fully integrated, scalable end-to-end solution consisting of hardware and software. The hardware ensures the dialogue between the machine and the cloud software, where the information of all networked machines is centralised. This keeps you informed of the exact condition and location of your machines at all times. In addition, you can efficiently distribute software updates to your fleet via the mobile IoT cloud.

The easy way to integrate mobile machines into the IoT

mobile IoT lets you digitise your mobile machines in the blink of an eye. In just a few minutes, the machine connects to the cloud, exchanges information and visualises the data in the dashboard.

Connect Activate Configure Transmit Visualise
Connect the devices   Select your contract   Configure your application   Start the data exchange
between machine and cloud
  View the data in the dashboard

One solution - many applications

Whether you are looking for a solution to permanently analyse and optimise prototypes in real field tests, plan and prepare your rental fleet management more effectively or establish a convincing after-sales service - mobile IoT is the right choice. Select one of the application examples below for detailed insights into the capabilities and benefits of mobile IoT for your business sector.

Service packages and hardware: the optimum combination

With mobile IoT your possibilities are unlimited

The mobile IoT service packages give you maximum flexibility thanks to different data volume options. The range of services also includes live connections for maintenance and service. In addition, a matching communication module for your network will allow you to quickly and easily put together the ideal hardware-machine combination for your specific application. Choose the service package and hardware that works best for you: