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Further products and accessories

Magnetic sensors

Pressure resistant:
Operating pressure up to 500 bar, bursting pressure up to 2000 bar
Long life:
With 10 million pressure cycles the sensor lasts as long as the cylinder
Extremely robust:
Housing and sensing face of 1mm thick stainless steel
Half price:
Equipping the cylinder with two ifm sensors costs no more than a comparable sensor in this application
Housing length of only 40mm for a low cylinder profile
M12 or M14 housing, cable or M12 connector, PNP or NPN, normally open, normally closed or complementary output

Reliable monitoring of the piston positions

The units are based on a magnetic-inductive technology which solely detects ferromagnetic metals (e.g. steel of the piston rod). Using this operating principle, the stainless steel housing can have a wall thickness up to 1mm, even at the sensing face, resulting in extremely long life and high reliability.

Magnetic sensors

Connection technology ecolink

The innovative sealing concept provides the high protection ratings IP 67 / IP 68 / IP 69K
Held in place:
The saw-tooth type vibration protection ensures that the nut does not become loose unintentionally in case of shock and vibration
By hand:
Easy to install and remove manually
Versions in a transparent black housing for an optimum visibility of the LED even in bright lighting conditions
The connection technology meets the M12 standard EN 61076

Reliable even in mobile applications

Overpressure impossible: Due to the special installation of a mechanical end stop the O-ring is always correctly compressed and so permanently maintains its sealing function. The saw tooth contoured vibration protection secures against strong shocks and vibrations. The high protection rating IP 67 / IP 68 / IP 69K, the wide temperature range of -40...90 °C as well as high-quality housing materials (high-grade stainless steel, TPU) ensure a permanently reliable connection in harsh environments such as salty moisture, oil and grease.

Clearly visible: The innovative design and a transparent black housing ensure that, even in bright lighting conditions, the LEDs are more clearly visible than with clear transparent versions. This is an important prerequisite to keep an eye on the plant status all the time and to be able to act quickly in case of problems.

Connection technology


Antenna, evaluation and CANopen interface in a compact M18 or M30 housing
Extended temperature range of -40...85°C
E1 type approval by the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (German Federal Motor Transport Authority)
Optimised for outdoor use with IP67 and IP69K, shock resistant to EN60068-2-27, vibration resistant to EN60068-2-64
CANopen protocol, optimised for use with ifm ecomatmobile controllers

Reliable solution for identification tasks

The robust RFID compact unit with CANopen interface has been developed for identification tasks in agricultural machines, municipal vehicles and construction machines. It automatically detects different attachments and configures the corresponding settings in the controller. Automatic identification simplifies the creation of user-specific system set-ups. Information on maintenance intervals and operating times can automatically be generated and stored since the controller automatically detects when and how long a specific machine set-up runs. Downtime is kept to a minimum, productivity is increased.

RFID compact units

Accessories for control systems