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Building system automation

Fire dampers - ifm flexpro

Reduction of damage due to fire by considerably reduced wiring on the fire dampers. The dampers are delivered with the interface connections from the factory. On site they only have to be connected to the installed flat cable of AS-Interface by means of the isolation displacement technology. Up to 90% fewer cables compared with conventional wiring.

Municipal theatre Rüsselsheim

Fire dampers with spring return actuators and smoke detection.

Accident hospital - Murnau

The medical and technical utilisation of a hospital is an extremely difficult tast for building automation. Quick and safe commissioning as well as low level of input for a flexible further development of the system are the main requirements.

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Swimming pool technology

Thermal Spa Palm Beach

The intelligent wiring and control system AS-interface controls and monitors the filtration technology for swimming pools. Binary as well as analog signals are processed and even the triggering and feedback of the pneumatic valve actuators are carried out via AS-i.

Municipal swimmingpool Plauen

Today, cost reduction and energy efficiency by means of sustainable implementation is an important aspect for building system automation. Modern and innovative sensors such as measurement of compressed air consumption metris ensure that the costs can be monitored and verified down to the process level. The use of cost-effective vibration diagnostic systems such as octavis provides for many other possible applications besides condition-based maintenance. To reduce the costs in industrial equipment the intelligent wiring and control system AS-Interface is a good choice.

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Water and sewage water treatment

Wastewater treatment plant Reichenhall

Today numerous processes in wastewater treatment plants can no longer be imagined without automation. The more the degree of automation increases, the more urgent the use of an intelligent wiring system at the lowest field level becomes. AS-interface is the ideal solution.

Biological reprocessing of sewage water flexpro

The bio-substrate method is a new process for reprocessing industrial sewage. The controller concept of this plant is based on the field bus system AS-Interface which is connected to the building services control system via Profibus-DP.

Wastewater treatment plant Weinheim

Sewage and sludge treatment are the tasks of a modern wastewater treatment plant. The varied processes in such a plant are no longer possible without innovative sensors. Here the technology provided by ifm electronic gmbh creates new standards.

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Power generation

Biogas plant Eijbergen

In a biogas plant organic substances such as liquid and solid manure are converted into current, thermal energy and fertilisers by means of combined heat and power generation.

For the implementation of the control and wiring concept of the biogas plant described in the following, PlanET Biogastechnik opted for the tried-and-tested intelligent wiring (bus) system AS-interface in connection with the Profibus DP fieldbus system.

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Machine construction

Capsule filling station

As the machine was to be installed with as little wiring as possible, only an intelligent wiring system was possible. The controller concept of the plant is based on the field bus system AS-Interface which can be visualised and operated by means of a multi-line operating display.

Special milling machine

A 25 year old milling machine was fitted with an automatic feed and stacking area for material. As the wiring complexity was to be considerably reduced the decision could only be for an intelligent field bus system -> AS-Interface.

Special machinery for the battery industry

HADI Offermann Maschinenbau GmbH in Gevelsberg constructs Special Machinery for the battery industry. Each plant is designed according to the wishes and requirements of the customer. The variety of higher bus systems used all over the world (Profibus, Interbus, DeviceNet, etc.) and their different concepts caused HADI employees to search for a simple and reliable wiring system for the lowest field level. AS-interface was chosen: it forms a solid platform with interfaces to all common higher bus systems.

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Conveyor systems

Baggage conveyor system

At the airport in Melbourne, Australia the existing transport logistics was retrofitted because problems often occurred in the past. Eliminating the cause of the problems was very time-intensive. To ensure quick fault location a simple standardised wiring system was needed which provided more diagnosis, could be installed easily and quickly and transfer safety-related signals for the protection of operators. To do so, AS-interface (AS-i) was used in combination with AS-i Safety at Work. 

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