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Acting sustainably is the motto

What will the world look like in the future? We at ifm ask ourselves this question not only when it comes to product development, innovative technologies and new ways of working. Environmental issues also play a leading role in our daily decisions and actions.

“Because we are all responsible for the future which takes social, economic, and ecological aspects into consideration.“

We can only fulfil this responsibility when we are aware of the consequences of our actions and in time start looking for solutions and new ways to minimise their impact. For us, this also means responsibly and reliably following long-term goals instead of resting on short-term successes. In the course of this, we would like to recommend our fourth Sustainability report (reporting year 2022) which contains a comprehensive sustainability programme in addition to our strategic approaches and measures.


Climate neutrality by 2030
in our operating business
100% green electricity
since 2020
Long-term CO2 savings
in the area of business travel and journeys
100% of our suppliers
signed the ifm suppliers code of conduct

Acting sustainably is the motto - and in all respects. This is already stated in the corporate philosophy, first written down in 1990:

ifm demands and promotes ecologically conscious decisions and conduct.

ifm corporate philosophy

The group of companies has been following this guiding principle for over 50 years. In doing so, we often go beyond the legal requirements and feel further encouraged in our thinking by the increasing attention to issues such as the protection of biodiversity, energy and mobility, which are emerging, among other things, from a global climate movement and also from pioneering measures of the European Green Deal.

One thing is certain for us:

Efficient, socially balanced and ecologically compatible development is needed, whereby social interaction, economic strength and environmental protection are not contradictory for us.

ifm corporate philosophy

At the same time, we are aware that we must contribute more. Only then can we master the global social and ecological challenges. Up until now, we have seen ourselves as a company that operates sustainably in an integrated manner. Now we want to actively advance our sustainability activities and pursue the issues that are essential for us in the coming years. You can find out here what this means in detail for the ifm group.

The 3 pillars of sustainability

As a company that operates sustainably, we at ifm set ourselves the goal of harmonising economic, ecological and social aspects and anchoring them more firmly in our organisation.

The guiding principle of corporate sustainability describes a principle of action which is based in a balanced way on the three pillars of sustainability - Economy, Environment (ecology) and Social issues - in all corporate decisions and actions. Issues such as environmental protection, upholding social principles and economic stability are not fundamentally new, but they have become much more important in the past years.

ifm acts according to the principle of economic optimum and against this background strives for balance as well as commitment in all three dimensions.

"Looking to the future, we are also following our guiding principle
growing successfully in security."