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ifm system integrator - Partner of ifm electronic

The system integrator is responsible for

  • planning and projecting machinery and equipment
  • installing and wiring machinery and equipment
  • commissioning machinery and equipment
  • technical documentation of machinery and equipment
  • service and maintenance
  • creating system solutions with ifm products
  • designing software
  • documenting software
  • training machine operators

The ifm system integrator

  • is experienced and reliable
  • works in accordance with standards (ISO 9001)
  • is assessed by ifm at regular intervals
  • is recommended by ifm

The ifm system integrator

  • has in-depth knowledge of ifm products
  • has industry-specific know-how
  • is in close contact with customers
  • has years of experience with implementing customer-specific automation tasks
  • can set up inter-regional teams with other ifm system integrators
  • can offer complete system solutions on the basis of ifm's product range