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Senzory pro mobilní stroje - Tlakové senzory s konektorem DEUTSCH nebo AMP

  • Prostorově úsporné provedení pro stísněné prostory
  • Rychlá reakce díky krátké době odezvy
  • Přesnost měření ≤ ± 0,8 %, opakovatelnost měření < ± 0,05 %
  • Snadné připojení pomocí konektoru DEUTSCH nebo AMP
  • Kompaktní a robustní pouzdro z nerezové oceli

Pressure transmitters with DEUTSCH or AMP connector

The PU series pressure transmitters reliably detect the system pressure in mobile machines. They are particularly suited for hydraulic and pneumatic applications with high operating pressures.
The compact housing ensures flexible integration even where space is limited. The robust units offer high shock, vibration and pressure resistance and excellent electromagnetic stability. They ensure wear-free operation over millions of pressure cycles. The high repeatability and minimal conformity errors of the analogue measured values ensure good long-term stability. These sensors provide excellent measurement dynamics with a very short step response time for immediate reaction to fast pressure changes.
DEUTSCH and AMP connectors allow fast and easy connection of the units to the cable harness of mobile machines.
The technical data of the sensors conform to e1.