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Senzory pro mobilní stroje - Tlakové senzory se dvěma spínacími výstupy

  • Vhodný pro použití v mobilních strojích
  • Dva spínací výstupy, jeden lze konfigurovat jako diagnostický
  • Integrovaná diagnostická funkce
  • Výborná elektromagnetická kompatibilita (EMC)
  • Uživatelsky přívětivá komunikace přes IO-Link

Pressure sensors with two switching outputs

The pressure sensors of the PP series reliably detect the system pressure in machines, plants and hydraulic power units of industrial and mobile applications.
The compact housing ensures flexible integration even where space is limited. The robust units offer high shock and vibration resistance and ensure wear-free operation over millions of pressure cycles. The high repeatability and minimal conformity errors of the switch points ensure good long-term stability.
The sensors have a high protection rating and a wide operating temperature range.
Application parameters are established using an external programming device. Some versions can be configured via IO-Link, e.g. using a USB interface. In this case, the LINERECORDER SENSOR software ensures visualisation, transferability of configurations and archiving of parameter sets.