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Smart stack lights provide process status

In factories all over the world, stack lights or signal lamps on machines, conveyors, and other installations provide status indication and, in some cases, control of your process. ifm’s  20-segment, 5-segment, 3-segment, and 1-segment stack lights have options for up to 21 different colors, permanent or blinking light modes, and audible alarms all based on user preferences.

Traditional signal lamps are designed to be modular – multiple part numbers for components that are then assembled. The ifm signal lamp is a single assembly which is configured for various colors and actions.

Signal lamp features

  • Red, green, and blue LEDs (RGB) provide:
    • up to 7 colors for the 5-segment lamps
    • up to 8 colors for the 1- and 3-segment lamps
    • up to 21 colors for the 20-segment lamps
  • 7 different visual effects including permanently on and various blinking rates.
  • Black cover for optimal visibility even in bright lighting conditions.
  • Loud (90 dB) buzzer with selectable melodies.
  • IP67 / IP65 protection rating for industrial automation environments.
  • IO-Link provides configuration flexibility and wiring reduction.
  • Easy installation with standard 4-pin or 5-pin M12 connectors