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Energy optimization

What if you could determine the amount of energy that went into each part you produced?

What if you could monitor your energy usage by production business unit to determine potential savings areas?

What if you could trend your energy use over time to identify inefficient machines or waste?

What if you could lower your annual energy spending without significant capital investment?


According to the US Department of Energy, manufacturing uses more than 1/3 of all the energy consumed in the US. If not addressed, escalating energy costs can have a major impact on the global competitiveness of manufacturers. It is estimated that manufacturing plants can achieve savings of 20%, and 30% of these saving can be realized without significant capital investment.


Energy consumption by sector (Total consumption: 98,156 trillion BTU)

Source: US Department of Energy, Energy Information Administration

Energy efficient practices are aligned with lean manufacturing and continuous improvement principles. Energy efficiency is not just about reducing utility bills, it is also about boosting revenue through greater productivity.

Best energy savings technologies for high-value, end-product manufacturing
Initiatives that provide the largest, quickest payback with the lowest risk

Emerging technology Simple payback*
Likelihood of success
Advanced lighting techniques 1.3 High
Advanced lighting design 3.0 Medium
Compressed air system management 0.4 Medium**
Motor system optimization 1.5 Medium**
Pump efficiency improvement 3.0 Medium**

* "Payback" refers to the number of years it takes for an investment to pay for itself through the savings it creates.
** Better likelihood if complemented by improved procedures / behaviors
Source: Adapted from ACEEE

The best way to initiate an energy management program is to start with a plant-wide audit of energy consumption. Audits are often free through utiliities suppliers, state energy offices, and university-based industrial assistance programs.