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Terms & Conditions

1. Parties

a) In these conditions the expression of “ifm” shall mean ifm electronic Limited and any of its subsidiary Companies and its successors in title and the expression “Buyer” shall mean the buyer of the goods ordered from ifm
b) The “Goods” means the goods or materials which shall be the subject of the Contract between the Seller and the Buyer
c) The “Contract” means the contract coming into being upon the Seller's written (either as an order confirmation or an original delivery note) acceptance of the Buyer's order. The Seller's acceptance shall incorporate these Conditions of Sales so far as they are not varied by any special terms or conditions agreed in writing by the Seller, and any terms and conditions in the buyer's order which are inconsistent with these Conditions shall have no effect. Any variation of the Contract will become binding only if confirmed in writing by the parties.

2. Application of Conditions

a) These conditions alone constitute the entire agreement between the parties and supersede all prior dealings, negotiations, representations or agreements whether oral or written, express or implied. No variation of or addition to these conditions shall be effective unless in writing signed by an authorised representative of ifm.
b) These conditions apply to all contracts made by or with ifm unless varied in writing signed by an authorised representative of ifm. The placing of an order for the goods and/or work shall be an acceptance of theses conditions not withstanding any other conditions which may be set out or referred to in any other document.
c) These conditions shall prevail over any inconsistent terms and conditions referred to in the Buyer's order or in correspondence or elsewhere unless specifically agreed to in writing by both parties and any conditions or stipulations to the contrary are hereby excluded or extinguished.
3. Delivery Dates
a) Delivery dates are estimates only given by ifm in good faith and are subject to change. Whilst ifm will make every effort to meet the dates no liability to make good any damage or loss whatever, whether arising directly or indirectly out of delay in or failure of delivery will attach to ifm. Time of delivery is not the essence of this Contract.
b) In particular and without prejudice to the generality of sub-clause a) of this clause, ifm shall not be liable for any delay in or failure of delivery caused by the unavailability of any raw materials or equipment.
c) Nor shall the Buyer be entitled to rescind the Contract on this account unless on or after expiry of the said estimated time of delivery the Buyer gives written notice to the Seller of a further reasonable period within which it requires the goods to be delivered if by the expiry of such further reasonable period delivery shall still not have been effected, the Buyer shall be entitled to rescind the Contract.
d) The buyer shall if required by ifm, accept delivery by installments but shall not be entitled to demand delivery by installments in such a case, each part or installment delivery shall be deemed to be the subject of a separate contact, delay in delivery of any such part or installment delivery shall not entitle the Buyer to repudiate the Contract with regard to any part or installment deliveries remaining deliverable.
e) In the case of partial completion of an order ifm shall be entitled to payment pro rata in respect of all goods supplied without prejudice to ifm's rights should non-completion be occasioned by the Buyer.
f ) In the event of the Buyer returning or failing to accept any delivery of the goods in accordance with the contract ifm shall be entitled at its option either or deliver and invoice the buyer for the balance of the goods then undelivered or to suspend or cancel further deliveries under the Contract ifm shall be entitled to store at the risk of the buyer any goods which the Buyer refuses or fails to accept and the Buyer shall pay all costs of such storage and any additional costs of carriage incurred as a result of such refusal or failure
ifm may require the Buyer by notice in writing to accept delivery within a reasonable time if the Buyer fails for any reason whatever to do so within such time ifm shall be entitled by notice in writing to the Buyer to terminate the Contract in respect of such portion of the Goods as is by reason of the aforesaid failure of the Buyer not delivered and thereupon to recover from the Buyer any loss suffered by reason of such failure.

4. Payment

a) The Buyer shall pay for the goods delivered and such additional charges referred to in clauses 3f), 4b), 4c). 6a), 14c), 14d), 14e), 14f) where applicable, within a maximum period of 30 days of the date of ifm's invoice for the same unless otherwise previously agreed in writing between ifm and the Buyer.
b) ifm shall be entitled to charge interest at its discretion at the rate of 3% above the base lending rate from time to time of HSBC plc from the expiry of the 30 days credit until payment is made, unless the failure of the Buyer to make payment is due to an act or omission of ifm.
c) In addition, in the event of delay in payment any costs arising in connection with any debt collection procedure and/or legal proceedings are to be reimbursed to the Seller by the Buyer.
d) Without waiving any other rights or remedies ifm may have. ifm may at its option defer deliveries under this contact or any other contract with the Buyer until satisfactory settlement of unpaid amounts.
e) Notwithstanding 4 a), if ifm should at any time form the reasonable belief that the Buyer's creditworthiness may be in question, ifm may require the Buyer to make payment in advance of delivery or to advance adequate security for the payment of all amounts due or to become due under the Contract.

5. Ownership

a) Property in the Goods shall remain with ifm until payment in full for the Goods has been received by ifm.
b) Furthermore property in the Goods shall remain with ifm until the Buyers has paid in full all sums due to ifm from the Buyer on any other account.
c) Property in the Goods shall not pass to the Buyer until such time as stipulated in clauses 5a) and 5b) above, but risk of loss or damage to the Goods shall pass to the Buyer (at the point when delivery begins) when the Goods are placed at its disposal for collection ex works of ifm as provided in Incoterms 1990 From this time until the goods have been paid for in full, the Buyer shall insure the Goods against such risks. The Buyer shall account to ifm for any insurance proceeds for any damaged or lost Goods.
d) ifm may recover the Goods at any time from the Buyer, if in his possession, if the amount outstanding from the Buyer to ifm in respect of goods supplied or in respect of any other Contract between ifm and the Buyer shall remain unpaid after the due date for payment has passed, and/or the Buyer is in breach of any other of the terms of this Contract or if this Contract is determined for any reason whatsoever.
e) ifm and its servants and agents are hereby authorised for the purpose of recovery of its Goods to enter with or without vehicles or machinery upon any premises where the Goods are stored or where they are reasonably thought to be stored and shall be entitled to repossess them.
f) The Buyer has the right to dispose of the goods in the course of his business as agent of ifm but any warranted conditions or representations given or made by the Buyer or any third party shall not be binding on ifm.
g) In the event of the Buyer re-selling or otherwise disposing of the goods prior to the property of the goods being passed to the Buyer, the Buyer shall receive and hold the proceeds of such re-selling-sale in a separate Bank account (and such proceeds shall not be intermingled with any other monies of the Buyer, of a third party nor paid into any overdrawn account) and shall pay such proceeds to ifm on demand Forthwith, upon receipt by the Buyer of the proceeds of the resale of the Goods supplied to it by ifm, the Buyer shall pay to ifm any sums outstanding on its account with ifm and shall not use or deal with such proceeds until any such sums outstanding on its account with ifm have been paid.
h) The Buyer should hold the goods as bailee for ifm storing the same separately form its own goods and from those of any other person and in such a way that they remain clearly identifiable as the property of without charge and will deliver same to ifm on demand

6. Specifications

a) The Buyer's order must be accompanied by sufficient information to enable the Seller to proceed with the order forthwith, otherwise any increase in cost attributable to the Buyer's failure to comply with this requirement will give rise to an additional charge.
b) Where specifications are to be supplied, the Buyer shall supply such specifications in reasonable time to enable ifm to complete delivery within the estimate period.
c) The Buyer shall indemnify ifm against all costs claims damages penalties and expenses to which ifm may become liable as a result of work done in accordance with the Buyer's specifications which involves the infringement of any letters patent or registered design.
d) Drawings and Descriptive Documents
    i) The weights, dimensions, capacities, prices, performance ratings and other data included in catalogues prospectuses, circulars, advertisements illustrated matter and prices lists constitute an approximate guide only. These data shall not be binding save to the extent that they are by reference expressly incorporated into the Contact.
    ii) Any drawings or technical documents intended for use in the construction of the Goods or of part thereof and submitted to the Buyer by ifm prior or subsequent to the formation of the Contract remain the exclusive property of ifm. They may not without ifm's consent be utilised by the Buyer or copied, reproduced, transmitted or communicated to a third party.
    iii) Any drawings or technical documents intended for use in the construction of the Goods or of part thereof and submitted to ifm by the Buyer prior or subsequent to the formation of the Contract remain the exclusive property of ifm. They may not without ifm's consent be utilised by the Buyer or copied, reproduced, transmitted or communicated to a third party.
    iv) The Buyer warrants that designs, drawings or other information provided by it to ifm for the purpose of the Contract are the Buyer's own unencumbered property and the Buyer indemnifies ifm against any and all damages and expenses incurred by ifm in connection with any (alleged) infringement of third party patents, designs, copyright or similar rights arising out of the use of such designs, drawings or other information of the purpose of the Contract.

7. Goods Sold Free on Board

Where goods are sold Free on Board the responsibility of ifm shall cease immediately the goods are placed on board ship or aircraft or if sold border then when the goods have reached such border, ifm shall be under no obligation to give the Buyer the notice specified in Section 32(3) of the Sale of Goods Act 1893

8. Warranty and Restriction of Liability

a) The warranty period will be one year from manufacture date.
b) The warranty terms cover all ifm electronic products against electrical component failure. It does not include mechanical damage, misuse and damage resulting from use outside the specified operating and mounting instructions and technical data.
c) All warranty claim items must be returned to ifm electronic.The items will then be inspected for failure analysis and the decision of ifm will be final. Non returned parts would not be covered.
d) For each warranty claim where it is agreed that ifm have liability; ifm will provide a credit note for the replacement parts. Consequential losses owing to failure will not be included.
e) The warranty agreement does not cover modifications or repairs carried out by the purchaser or third parties. Any modifications carried out will immediately invalidate all warranties.
Warranty Claims Procedure
f) All warranty claims will be returned to ifm electronic within 30 days of failure. Parts should be returned to our head office for the attention of the Returns Department.
g) The parts will then be analysed for the cause of failure and the warranty status will be determined.
h) The analysis will result in a failure report and if needed corrective action will be advised to ensure that the best practices are employed and that all practicable precautions and measures have been taken to prevent reccurrence.
i) The customer shall give adequate time and opportunity to ifm to remedy any defects and/or advise corrective action. If adequate time or the corrective action is refused then ifm shall have no liability for the defect.
j) Credit note will only be provided after the failure analysis is completed and results known.
Death of Buyer
k) ifm will compensate the Buyer or his personal representatives for personal injury or death to the extent that such personal injury or death is caused wholly or partly by a defect in the goods produced or held out to be produced by ifm save that ifm shall be entitled to rely on the defences provided by Section 4 of the Consumer Protection Act 1987 or to the extent that such personal injury or death is caused by the negligence on the part of ifm its servants or agents for which negligence ifm is liable at law but not further or otherwise.
l) ifm's responsibility under this clause save under sub-clause (d) shall cease if any repair is made or attempted to be made or components not of ifm's manufacture or supply are installed otherwise than by ifm.
m) Any goods not of ifm's manufacture supplied under this contract are sold under such warranty as the makers give to ifm (available on request) and ifm is able without expense to enforce but are not guaranteed by ifm in any other way.
Exclusion of liability
n) Save as herein before provided, ifm will not in any circumstances be liable for any loss or damage, whether direct or indirect or consequential, howsoever arising, including but without prejudice to the foregoing caused by
    i.The unsuitability of the goods for the use in which they are put by the buyer

9. Claim for Shortage or Loss

a) No claim for damage in transit, shortage of delivery, receipt of faulty goods or loss of goods will be entertained unless in the case of damage in transit or shortage of delivery a separate notice in writing is given to the carrier concerned and to ifm within three days of the receipt of goods followed by a complete claim in writing within ten days of receipt of the goods and in the case of loss of goods notice in writing is given to the carrier concerned and to ifm within seven days of consignment and in the case of receipt of faulty goods, notice in writing is given to ifm within seven days of consignment.
b) In the absence of receipt of such notice in good time, ifm shall be discouraged from all liability in respect of such defects or wrong or short or over-delivery. ifm shall also be discharged from all such liability if the buyer of any sub-purchaser shall subject the goods to any process of manufacture without the buyer's first having carefully examined the goods as provided herein.
c) Where goods are accepted from the carrier concerned without being checked, the delivery book of the carrier concerned must be signed, “Not examined”. The buyer is obliged to check the goods on delivery and to indemnify and keep indemnified ifm against any claims, demands or proceedings in respect to the quality and safety of the goods in the possession of the buyer including without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing any claims for personal injury to any person other than the buyer.
d) Defects in the goods becoming apparent subsequent to the inspection detailed in clause 9 a) - c) above are to be notified by the buyer to ifm in a written notice to be received by ifm within seven days of their becoming apparent. In the absence of receipt of such notice in good time ifm shall be discharged from all liability in respect to such defects.

10. Force Majeure

ifm shall not be liable for any failure or delay in delivering any goods or executing any work under this contract due directly or indirectly to hostilities, outbreak or threat of war, riot, civil commotion, strikes, lockouts, industrial dispute - official or unofficial, legislation or official regulation, wilful damage, the unavailability of transport, or to natural causes such as, but not restricted to, Acts of God, earthquake, flood or tempest, or to fire or accident or theft or any other event outside ifm's control and ifm may by written notice to the buyer forthwith determine this contract but without prejudice to any right of action which may have accrued prior to such termination. Where for such reason the availability of goods to the buyer is delayed, the buyer shall take delivery or collect the goods within seven days of being requested by ifm.
If the delay in delivery occasioned by such force majeure shall continue for more than 60 days either party may then by giving 30 days written notice to the other cancel all parts of the contract not fulfilled by the expiry of this notice period.

11. Termination of contract.

a) If during the currency of this contract
    i. Any distress or execution is levied on the buyers property or assets
    ii. The buyer (being an individual) makes or seeks to make any arrangements or composition with his creditors or commits any act of bankruptcy is presented or made against him.
    iii. (The buyer being a company) any resolution or petition to wind up the buyer's business (other than for the amalgamation or reconstruction) is passed or presented or a manger or receiver of the buyers undertaking, property or assets or any part thereof is appointed
    iv. The equivalent of any of the foregoing events according to the law of the buyer's place of business shall occur.
    v. The buyer makes default in any payment or is in breach of any of the buyers obligations hereunder.
    vi. The buyer fails to provide any letter of credit, bill of exchange or any other security required under contract between it and the seller.
    vii. The buyer fails to take delivery of any goods under any contract between it and the seller.
    viii. The buyer is involved in any legal proceedings in which the buyer's solvency is questioned or is deemed to be unable to pay the buyer's debts.
    ix. The buyer ceases or threatens to cease trading.
ifm on the giving of seven days' notice to the buyer shall be entitled at its option to terminate this Contract and any other such contract with the buyer and / or suspend deliveries under this Contract and / or any other such contract. The foregoing is without prejudice to any other rights ifm may possess against the buyer for breach of this Contract.
b) On termination of this contract before the completion of delivery of all the goods hereunder for whatsoever reason and without prejudice to any other rights ifm may possess, ifm shall be entitled to payment for such goods, as ifm shall have supplied.

12. Validity of Contract

a) The rights of ifm or the buyer shall not be prejudiced or restricted by any indulgence or forbearance extended by either party to the other, and no waiver by either party in respect of any breach shall operate as a waiver in respect of any breach shall operate as a waiver in respect of any subsequent breach.
b) The invalidity of unenforceability for any reason of any part of this contract shall not prejudice or affect the validity or enforceability of the remainder.
c) The failure on the part of either party to the contract to exercise or enforce any rights conferred by the contract shall not be deemed to be a waiver of any such right nor operate so as to bar the exercise or enforcement thereof at any time or times thereafter.

13. Licenses and Availability of Goods

Contracts and orders are accepted subject to ifm receiving any necessary license to purchase or to use and the availability to ifm of the required raw materials or instruments or other goods necessary for the production of the goods the subject matter of this contract.

14. Price

a) After the expiration of 90 days from the date of the quotation ifm shall be entitled to alter the price appearing in the quotation without prior notice to the buyer and any order received by ifm after such date shall be governed by the prices ruling at the date of receipt of order.
b) ifm further reserves the right to increase the price quoted to take account of increases in costs including labour overheads transportation and raw materials and for the fluctuation of exchange rates between the quotation date the date of delivery of the goods of execution of the work
c) All prices quoted are net of value added tax and value added tax will be charged thereon at the appropriate rate for the time being
d) All prices quoted are exclusive of import VAT or any other taxes duties or imposts
e) Additional charge will be made on all dispatches to cover the cost of packing, packing materials, insurance and shipment of the goods to their specified destination. This additional charge will be at the rate ruling on the date of despatch
f) At the Buyer's written request ifm will arrange on behalf of the Buyer freight and insurance to a named destination in accordance with the normal terms and conditions of carriers and insurers prevailing at the time of shipment. The choice of carrier, insurer and agents used shall be at ifm's discretion and all costs incurred by ifm in providing this additional service shall be reimbursed by the Buyer to ifm against its invoice. Any amount quoted for this service will be an estimate only and the Buyer shall reimburse the actual costs incurred.

15. Acceptance of Quotation

a) No binding contract shall be deemed to have been effected by the acceptance by the Buyer of any quotation made by ifm until the order constituted by such acceptance has been confirmed by ifm in writing
b) Quotations by ifm shall not constitute an offer and ifm reserves the right to withdraw or amend the same at any time prior to written confirmation of acceptance
c) Exceptions or alterations to any part of the quotation are valid only if specifically agreed by the Seller in writing prior to contract

16. Right of Set Off

a) The Buyer shall pay the purchase price in accordance with the terms of this Contract and shall be entitled to make any deductions or set off against payments either in respect of any claim arising under this Contract made between the Buyer and ifm or for any other reason

17. Assignment of Contract

a) ifm may assign the benefit of or any right under this agreement
b) The Buyer may not assign the benefit of or any right under this agreement without the prior written consent of ifm

18. Services of Notices and the giving of Consent

Any Notice. Consent or the like required to be given by ifm to the Buyer in connection with this agreement shall be in writing and shall be sent by first Class Post, Facsimile Transmission or Telex to the last known address of the Buyer or its principal place of business and every such Notice Consent and the like shall be deemed to have been give at the time when in the ordinary course of transmission it should have been delivered at the address to which it was sent.

19. Arbitration

Any dispute under the contract shall be referred to an arbitrator to be appointed by both parties or in defaults of agreement by the President of the Law Society for the time being and the decision of the arbitrator however appointed shall be binding on both parties. The submission to arbitration shall be pursuant to the Arbitration Act 1960 to 1979 or any statutory modification thereof for the time being in force

20. Law Applicable

These conditions and the contract shall be subject to and construed in accordance with English Law and the Courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction to hear and determine any claim or action in respect of this contract in England and Wales. Similarly, they will be subject to and construed in accordance with Scottish Law and Scottish Courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction to hear and determine any claim or action in in respect of this contract in Scotland. However if the Buyer carries on business in a country, other than in Great Britain, ifm may choose to bring proceedings in that country

21. Language

The text of these Conditions of Sale herein written in English language is the authentic text and any difficulties or uncertainties in interpretation shall be resolved solely by reference to this text

22. Headings to any of these conditions are included to facilitate reference only and shall not affect the construction thereof.